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The Shift Cars (シフトカー) are miniature cars created for the purpose of helping humanity. They are used by Kamen Rider Drive in conjunction with his belt, the Drive Driver, and bracelet, the Shift Brace, which work together via infrared, when he changes them from their Machine Modes (マシンモード) to their Lever Modes (レバーモード) by rotating them. Some Shift Cars enhance Drive’s current Type form with a Tire Koukan (タイヤ交換), adding the last part of a Shift Car’s name to his current Type (i.e, Type Speed Flare). Some of them also come with a weapon called a Tire Specific Item for Drive to wield.

Shift Next Special (シフトネクストスペシャル) allows Drive to transform into Type Special using the yellow Special side of the Shift Car. Also allows Kamen Rider Dark Drive to transform into Type Next using the dark blue Next side of the Shift Car.

⚠️ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. ⚠️
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