Kamen Rider Zi-O SODO Action Figures


Brand new and sealed



SODO figures are SG (Candy Toy) construction figures, approximately 4in tall in size. Each Rider Armor in this line come in two parts: a body part, and an armor parts pack.

Join Joshua Perry every other Sunday for his fortnightly YouTube series SODO Sundays in which he looks at all of the new and upcoming releases in the SODO line:

Additional information

Weight 0.349 kg

Bandai Japan

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Set 1 – Kamen Rider Zi-O, Set 1 – Kamen Rider Geiz, Set 1 – Zi-O Build Armor Body, Set 1 – Geiz Build Armor Body, Set 1 – Zi-O/Geiz Build Armor Parts, Set 2 – Ex-Aid Armor Parts, Set 2 – Ghost Armor Parts, Set 2 – Faiz Armor Parts, Set 2 – Drive Armor Parts, Set 2 – Zi-O Ex-Aid/Ghost Body, Set 2 – Geiz Ex-Aid/Ghost/Drive/Faiz Body, Set 3 – Fourze Armor Parts, Set 3 – Zi-O Fourze Armor Body, Set 3 – Ryuki Armor Parts, Set 3 – Den-O Armor Parts, Set 3 – Zi-O Ryuki/Den-O Body, Set 3 – Genm Armor Parts, Set 3 – Geiz Genm Body

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