Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger DX Ryusoul Gattai KishiRyuOh Five Knights


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Ryusoul Gattai KishiRyuOh Five Knights (竜装合体キシリュウオーファイブナイツ) is the combined Mecha form of all five Kishiryu. It consists of Kishiryu Tyramigo as the main body, the front half of Triken & a minigun on the right shoulder, the front half of Ankylose with the second minigun on the left shoulder, Tigerance’s upper body, one of its shield plates, tail, & the Knight Lance, MilNeedle’s tail with Tyramigo’s drills on each side and the Knight Shield (ナイトシールド) formed from the left Knight Mace, MilNeedle’s back spines & Tyramigo’s head, and the Red RyuSoul as the head after the Blue, Pink, Green, & Black RyuSouls merge with it.

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