Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger SG & GP Ryusouls


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The RyuSouls (リュウソウル) are a set of items used by the Ryusoulgers. Shaped like prehistoric animal heads, the RyuSouls can butterfly open from Soul Mode to Knight Mode, where the neck base forms a shield as the crest forms either an arm wielding a weapon or an exagerrated specialized arm. Forming a Mecha head, a RyuSoul in Knight Mode turns around to reveal the Mecha head, which subsequently has the top half of the head in Soul Mode as a form of antenna. This is only seen with the core RyuSouls.


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Weight 0.101 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 2 cm

Bandai Japan

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Red Ryusoul (SG Set 1), Red Ryusoul (GP Set 1 & 2), Blue Ryusoul (SG Set 1), Blue Ryusoul (GP Set 1), Pink Ryusoul (SG TBA), Pink Ryusoul (GP Set 1), Green Ryusoul (SG Set 2), Green Ryusoul (GP Set 2), Black Ryusoul (SG Set 2), Black Ryusoul (GP Set 2), Tsuyosoul (SG Set 1), Karusoul (SG Set 1), Kusasoul (GP Set 1), Nobisoul (GP Set 1), Omosoul (SG Set 2), Kotaesoul (SG Set 2), Fuesoul (GP Set 2), Mikagesoul (GP Set 2), Blanksoul (GP Set 2)

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