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The Rider Kicks Figure Series (ライダーキックスフィグヤシリーズ) is a toy line launching alongside Kamen Rider Zi-O consisting of action figures, with two major component lines. The Rider Armor Series (ライダーアーマーシリーズ) is the main action figure toyline for Kamen Rider Zi-O, featuring Riders and form changes from that series, while the Legend Rider Series (レジェンドライダーシリーズ) features new figures for past Riders, fitting with the main theme of Zi-O.

The figures have some changes from predecessor “gimmick” toy lines, like the Bottle Change Rider Series and Level UP Rider Series. Firstly, they are slightly smaller, being around 5 inches as opposed to the previous 6 inches. Secondly, rather than articulated hands, they feature multiple static swappable hands, similar to other collector lines.

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