Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger DX Gaburicaliber


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The Zyuden-Ken Gaburicalibur (獣電剣ガブリーキャリバー) is the Kyoryugers’ primary sword weapon. If a Zyudenchi is inserted into the Gaburicalibur and the pump is pulled back, it will announce “Vamola”, allowing for a Zyuden Brave Slash (獣電ブレイブスラッシュ). If all of the Kyoryugers wield the Gaburicaliber while in Kyoryuzin, they are able to transform the Stegotchi Shield into the Goren Zyudenken. When combined with the Gaburevolver, the Gaburu Cannon (ガブルキャノン) is formed. Normally, it can fire a volley of shots rapidly like a machine gun, but once the pump is pulled back, making it announce “Vamola”, it can fire shotgun-like blasts. If done once more, which makes it announce “Mucho”, it fires a small cannon ball-like blast.

Please note that due to age there may be some warping of the blade and paintwear.

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