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Zyudenchi (獣電池) are special battery-like devices powered by an energy source known as Brave (ブレイブ) which hold the Kyoryu Spirit (キョウリュウスピリット) of whatever prehistoric animal the Zyudenchi represent. To activate them, a Kyoryuger announces “Brave In!” (ブレイブイン) and presses the button on the negative pole of the Battery, activating the Brave charge. The Zyudenchi from #1 to 10 hold the Kyoryu Spirits of the Ten Great Zyudenryu (十大獣電竜) and can summon the respective mecha, while Zyudenchi #00 holds the Kyoryu Spirit of Zyudenryu Tobaspino (獣電竜零号トバスピノ) who is the predecessor to the other Zyudenryu.

The rest of the numbered Zyudenchi hold the Kyoryu Spirits of the Guardians (ガーディアンズ), lesser Zyudenryu that had supported the Ten Great Zyudenryu in their fight against the Deboth Army until the loss of their physical bodies to Gadoma, but their Zyudenchi can be used to activate special abilities or weapons as well as power up the Zyudenryu to their Battle Modes (戦闘モード) so they can fight more effectively and combine with other Zyudenryu.

When in combat, the Zyudenchi are stored in the Zyuden MoBuckle (sold separately). On the other side of the Zyudenchi are the names of the Zyudenryu and Guardians that they correspond to in English lettering. The Zyudenchi function in the majority of the Kyoryuger toyline, activating lights and sounds in items such as the Gaburevolver, Gaburichanger, Gaburicaliber, Kyoryujin and more!

Zyudenchi may differ slightly from those pictured and may have minor wear and tear.

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01 Gabutyra, 02 Parasagun, 03 Stegotchi, 04 Zakutor, 05 Dricera, 06 Pteragordon, 07 Ankydon, 08 Bunpachy, 09 Plezuon, 10 Bragigas, 11 Deinochaser, 12 Deinosgrander, 13 Kentrospiker, 14 Stymero, 15 Allomerus, 16 Beyonsmo, 17 Ovirappoo, 18 Igeranodon, 19 Tuperanda, 20 Gurumonite, 21 Archenolon, 22 Pukuputor, 23 Futabain, 00 Tobaspino, +1 Gabutyra de Carnival, V Victory, X Maximum