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SODO Sundays – March 8, 2020

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. Today, a new OOO Set and an update on the Kirameger YUDO figures.

Kamen Rider OOO

A new SODO Chronicle Kamen Rider OOO Premium Bandai is being released. This time the set focuses on everything for Kamen Rider Birth. The set has 2 figures in it: Kamen Rider Birth and Kamen Rider Birth Prototype.


There are a ton of accessories included like the Birth Busters for both Riders and the Birth CLAWs weapons that can also form the Sasori mode. They can be used to create Birth’s Birth Day mode as well.

Also included is a canaster of Cell Metals and the manual for the Birth Rider System.

Mashin Sentai Kirameger

A small update for the first set of YUDO figures. Extra KirameSwords have been added to the accessories box so that each member of the team can be displayed with a weapon. This is something YUDO hasn’t done the past 2 years in their releases.


You can watch the latest SODO Sundays video over on the Toku Toy Store Facebook page.

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays Season 3! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store and the Toku Toy Store Facebook page.

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Toei Announces 100 hours of Heisei Kamen Rider for Golden Week

100 Hours of Heisei Kamen Rider episodes will be aired during Japan’s Golden Week!

With the Heisei Generation of Kamen Rider coming to an end in April 2019, Toei will be doing a campaign called “Thank You! Heisei Kamen Rider” where they will be airing 100 hours of Heisei Kamen Rider over ten days during Golden Week to celebrate.

The Riders will be from Kuuga through to Zi-O and fans on Twitter are allowed to choose a mix of 200 episodes to air. Special Episodes and movies will not be included. The selection campaign runs from March 1st till March 15th.

Below is a list of the available episodes to choose from:

Kamen Rider Kuuga #1~#49
Kamen Rider Agito #1~#51
Kamen Rider Ryuki #1~#50
Kamen Rider 555 #1~#50
Kamen Rider Blade #1~#49
Kamen Rider Hikibi #1~#48
Kamen Rider Kabuto #1~#49
Kamen Rider Den-O #1~#49
Kamen Rider Kiva #1~#48
Kamen Rider Decade #1~#31
Kamen Rider W #1~#49
Kamen Rider OOO #1~#48
Kamen Rider Fourze #1~#48
Kamen Rider Wizard #1~#53
Kamen Rider Gaim #1~#47
Kamen Rider Drive #1~#48
Kamen Rider Ghost #1~#50
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid #1~#45
Kamen Rider Build #1~#49
Kamen Rider Zi-O #1~#26

The Episodes will be aired from April 27th 2019 till May 6th 2019 in Japan.

What episodes do you want to see aired? Do you wish specials and movies had been included? Let us know on our social media pages!

Source: Daisuki Toku
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Anniversary Review: OOO’s and Birth

Reach out your hand! Grab hold of that Flashback!

A little over 10 years ago, we were given one of the first Kamen Rider anniversary series. Kamen Rider Decade gave us a look back through ten years worth of Riders, and how their stories evolved the franchise into what it is today.

With another anniversary series currently airing, it seems approprriate we take another look back over the years, but this time we look at the Drivers, how they’ve progressed in terms of technology and gimmick, and if they still hold as much charm today as they did back then.


Next up we have the OOO Driver.

Featuring a black Driver, with blue lining, and silver highlights, the Oz Driver is both stylish and functional in appearance. The Scanner has a black centre with gold edging, and 4 lights in the centre.

The OOO’s (from now on called Oz to make my typing go easier) Driver uses a 3 Medal system, consisting of a head, body/arm and leg. The set also features a Scanner, which is used in conjunction with the Driver and Medals to trigger all associated sounds.

To operate, turn on the scanner, with its easily located on/off switch on the side, then insert 3 Medals into the Driver. While it should matter which order they go in, the Scanner will recognize the appropriate Medals for the Combo and still play the right jingle. Once the Medals have been inserted, lift the Scanner from its bracket on the side of the belt, press the button inside the grip, and run it flush along the front of the Driver. You should hear a clang clang clang sound as it passes over. Once the Scanner passes the end of the Driver, the Scanner will call out the name of all 3 Medals, followed by the approriate song.

As each Medal is scanned, one light lights up on the Scanner, once all 3 Medals have been scanned, and the Henshin is in process, all four lights will be lit up, and flashing different colours.

Featuring 24 Core Medals, the combinations are almost limitless. The Medals are broken down into Combo’s, which feature 3 Medals, one from each position, and are always the same colour, for example, TaJaDor uses 3 red Medals, Taka (Head), Kujaku (Body/Arms) and Condor (Legs). The cheat way to tell which one goes where is to look at the back of the Medal, Head has one bar, Body/Arms two bars, and legs has 3, these indicate the position in the driver.

Each Combo features a unique call out when scanned, followed by a purpose written song. Well, all but one of the Combo’s do. The Movie exclusive “Kamen Rider Core” Combo doesn’t register as a full Combo, so doesn’t get a song.

When using 3 random Medals, for example Taka (Head), Gorilla (Body/Arms), Batta (Legs), the Scanner will call out their names, and then a generic sound, something like an explosion.

For reference, the Scanner will register any 3 Medals, so you could use 3 head Medals, or 3 leg Medals, and the Scanner will still act like a head/body/leg set has been scanned, and again play the generic combat sound.

After the initial Medal scan, and your Henshin is complete, run the Scanner over the same Medals to perform a “Scanning Charge”, the final attack of Oz. This can be repeated as many times as desired, without the Scanner resetting, this will only be done if the Medals change.

Moving along, now we have the Birth Driver, the secondary Driver in the series belonging to Akira Date.

Also using a Medal system, this Driver is quite different in its operation. After turning the Driver on, and hearing the initial start up sound, insert a Cell Medal into the slot on the left side. Once the Medal has been inserted, turn the crank on the right side. You should hear a twisting sound, like a dial turning, followed by a pop as the centre of the Driver springs open. Once the jingle finishes, you are now officially Kamen Rider Birth! (Or Birth Prototype if you prefer, though there isn’t a way to differentiate between the two in the Driver)

Repeating the process, inserting the Medal again and turning the crank, will trigger an attack mode. These include Drill Arm, Breast Canon, Crane Arm, Cutter Wing, Shovel Arm and Catepillar Leg, . These sounds all come out in one order, so in order to access Shovel Arm, you’ll need to cycle through the others first.

Once you’ve chosen the mode you want, insert two Medals into the Driver and turn the crank. This triggers “Cell Burst” and plays some nice action sounds.

Sadly “Birth: Day” isn’t accessable through the Driver, the combined weapon form of Birth.


Now, to round things up.

With plenty of combinations, many additional Medals and a solid mechanic, the Oz Driver is a beauty. The only downsides i’ve seen with it, are that the front of the Driver and the rear of the Scanner can get quite scuffed with the constant contact of scanning Medals, and a slight light bleed through on the front of the scanner where the battery compartment closes.

With the Scanner relying on chips inside the Medals to register what they are, the expansion possibility of the Oz Driver is somewhat limited, meaning that past the shows run period, the ability to create new medals is almost impossible.

That said, with the release of the CSM, the Scannner and Medals were updated with new sounds, updated Medal designs and additional Combo’s.

Unlike other Drivers, leaving Medals in the Driver has minimal impact on the longevity of its performance. This is because the spring clips that keep the Medals in place are above the Medals in the Driver, and do not remain pressed when in use.

The Birth Driver on the other hand, has minimal functions, and requires repetition to reach the desired form. The option to select the desired form would have been a bonus, comparably a similar function was later used in Ghosts “Mugen” Eyecon, when performing an Omega Drive, if the handle is held out, the Eyecon flashes different colours, pushing the handle in on a different colour gave a different attack.

As the Birth Drivers light flashes different colours while performing actions, it would be well suited to the same function as the Eyecon for its different modes. Though in it’s defence, the tech for the Eyecon came around several years after the Birth Drivers design and release, so expecting the same tech inside it is rather unreasonable. But should it be updated and re-released, or presented as a CSM, there is potential for upgrades.

In all, the Oz Driver holds up, but with a reliance on numerous gimmicks, it requires a somewhat expanded collection to use all of its functions.

The Birth Driver however, in my opinion, is lacking in functions, and is in dire need of updating… But is still a welcome addition to the collection.

*Disclaimer: The pictures for the OOO’s Driver were taken with the Complete Selection Modification version, as such some of the review text and the associated picture might not line up properly.

Be sure to check out or other reviews!

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Kamen Ranger’s Ramblings: Mask or Helmet?

Now it might seem silly to even debate this point. The title of the show is “Masked Rider” after all. However, this has been something that’s bugged me slightly ever since Samurai Flamenco brought it up in the first episode: Is Kamen Rider’s mask actually a mask or is it a helmet?

The definition of mask in this context refers to something that covers all or part of one’s face and while a Kamen Rider’s “mask” certainly does that it doesn’t stop there. The whole of their head is covered by a protective layer which would also make it a helmet.

Now we can argue this point back and forth but what does it mean either way? Well, if a Kamen Rider’s mask is actually a helmet then they’ve been lying to us all and can they really be considered true heroes of justice if that’s the case?

On the other hand if it really is just a mask then they’re riding motorbikes without a helmet and as Samurai Flamenco points out. This is hardly fitting behavior for a hero and doesn’t set a very good example.

Then of course we have Riders like Shin and Hibiki who don’t wear either, though in Shin’s case he doesn’t really ride a bike and neither of them are that well liked either so maybe they’ve already received their punishment for their heinous crime. We may have gotten those Shin Kamen Rider sequels if only he’d have obeyed traffic safety laws…

There’s also the issue of how Kamen Riders even see out of their masks. Both versions of Birth seemed to have an Iron Man style set up in theirs but Heads-Up Display (HUD) was hardly a thing in the Showa period and those big compound eyes don’t make for the clearest of viewing mediums – unless you want to see several dozen of the one thing you want to look at.

So what do we take away from this conundrum? Is it that sometimes even heroes have to blur the lines of morality at times to preserve peace? Or is it that “Masked Rider” Sounds cooler than “Helmeted Rider” and it’s best not to read too deeply into a kid’s show?

It’s probably that last one.

What did you think of this ramble? Do you consider it a mask or a helmet? Let us know in the comments.

[Photo Credit: Viofitz]