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Full Q1 Kamen Rider Zero-One Catalogue Scans

While the gap between the reveal of the name and the first images of the new Kamen Rider are excruciating, the drop of the 1st Quarter catalogue is one of the most exciting days of the tokusatsu calendar! Here’s our first true look at Kamen Rider Zero-One…

The inaugural Kamen Rider offering of the Reiwa Era, Kamen Rider Zero-One will feature three Riders in the show’s 1st quarter, as well as a number of alternative and powerup forms; Toei Company really are hitting the ground running with this series!

The programme’s main henshin hero, Zero-One, will sport a yellow and black base form, accessed using the show’s main gimmick, Progrise Keys. Progrise Keys are small audio cassette style devices that hold the forms and weapons of our new Kamen Rider. He will transform using the Hiden Zero-One Driver, as pictured below.

Featuring multiple transformations, Kamen Rider Zero-One’s main sidearm is the Attache Calibur.

Further catalogue images have also revealed additional forms and Progrise Keys for Kamen Rider Zero-One. From the left, in the image below, we can see Flying Falcon, Biting Shark, Flaming Tiger, and Freezing Bear.


As the show progresses, Zero-One will receive his first upgrade form: Shining Hopper.

In Shining Hopper form, Zero-One will wield the Authorise Buster. This weapon will also be shared with secondary Riders.

Ever Rider needs bike (or they’re just a Kamen Walker, right?) and Zero-One is no different. The Risephone will convert between cellphone and motorcycle for the Kamen Rider’s convenience.

The DX toy release of the Risephone will be scaled to accommodate Rider Kicks Figures, unofficially announcing that the RKF series will carry forward into the Reiwa Era. This Rider Kicks advertisment also gives us better full person shots of Kamen Rider Zero-One.

Presumably holding the ability to chain together Progrise Key powers, this is the Progrise Key Connector. The DX toy release will be bundled with the Amazing Hercules Progrise Key.

Zero-One will not be the only Kamen Rider we’ll see in the show’s 1st quarter, though. These scans reveal secondary and tertiary Riders, Kamen Rider Vulcan, Kamen Rider Valkyrie, Kamen Rider Horobi, and Kamen Rider Jin.

Kamen Rider Vulcan’s catalogue reveal suggests that his base form will be Shooting Wolf, utilising a hand held transformation device modelled after a gun, the Aims Shot Riser.

Vulcan’s main sidearm will be the Attache Shotgun, another transformable weapon.

Production images from the scans give us a closer look at Kamen Rider Vulcan as well as the prop version of the Arms Shot Riser.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Accessed via the Punching Kong Progrise Key, we know that Kamen Rider Vulcan will also be able to access other forms.

We also know that Vulcan will receive a Q1 upgrade form: Assault Wolf.

Our other secondary Rider, Kamen Rider Valkyrie, appears to be female! Hopefully this interpretation is true; we are long overdue a female main Rider. Regardless, Valkyrie will transform using the Rushing Cheetah Progrise Key. As a toy release, it will come bundled with the DX Progrise Key Holder. Like Kamen Rider Vulcan, Valkyrie will transform with the use of the Aims Shot Riser.

Another form for Kamen Rider Valkyrie has been revealed as Lightning Hornet.

In addition to these secondary Riders, the catalogue scans also reveal a couple of tertiary Riders. First up, is Kamen Rider Horobi. Horobi will have his own transformation device, the Forcerise Driver, and will utilise the Sting Scorpion Progrise Key.

Kamen Rider Horobi’s sidearm will be another transforming weapon, the Attache Arrow.

As pictured in the Rider Kicks scan above, another tertiary Rider called Kamen Rider Jin will join the series. Judging by the characters relative absence from the first quarter scans, though, we expect them to arrive closer to the second quarter of the series with any releated Progrise Keys, Drivers and weapons being released then.

Finally, the catalogue scans also featured a full sized mecha but little is know about it at this time. We’ll update the article when we get more information.

Hoo, boy! That’s a lot of toy reveals. We collectors better prepare our wallets accordingly!

Do you have a favourite toy reveal from the Q1 catalogue? What are your thoughts on the Kamen Rider Zero-One reveals in general? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section or join the conversation on our social media pages!

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New Photos Of Kamen Rider Build Genius Form And Kamen Rider Great Cross-Z

As Kamen Rider Build slowly reaches it’s end, let’s have a closer look at Build and Cross-Z’s final form.

In these Brand new magazine scans, we see our first clear look of Kamen Rider Build’s Genius Form.



This form will be accessed when the Genius Fullbottle is inserted into the Build Driver.


The Genius form will be able to preform 3 attacks; Genius Attack, Genius Break and Genius Finish.


Next we see 4 brand new black and gold Fullbottles (Bat, Fukurou (Owl), Kuwagata (Stag Beetle), Spanner). There is also a new panel to display them on, but no best matches have been confirmed.


And finally, we have the Great Cross-Z Dragon and Great Dragon Evol Bottle. These will be used by Kamen Rider Cross-Z to transform into Kamen Rider Great Cross-Z.



The Great Cross-Z Dragon is used in a similar way to the regular Cross-Z Dragon, the bottle is inserted into the Dragon which is then inserted into the Build Driver.








Similar to other Premium Bandai toys, the Cross-Z Dragon will also have say some of Ryuuga’s quotes when the button on the front is pressed. The Great Cross-Z Dragon will be released in October and will cost 3,024 yen.


You can expect to see all of these new forms in the coming episodes.

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How To Spot Fake Tokusatsu Leaks

How to get through the coming months without being fooled by fake news!

Kamen Rider Zi-O has just been trademarked meaning that, for the next few months, news will be coming out all the time in the run up to the first episode. Of course, most it of this news will be real but we all know that fake news is far from uncommon in tokusatsu. These can be so convincing to the point that people may still believe it months after it was debunked. A lot of this “news” is just an occasional rumour on a forum or website, but sometimes a lot of effort is put into these fakes. You can sometimes see future episodes or even future seasons faked. With fabricated catalogues, episode listings and even trademarks becoming increasingly common, I’ve decided to compile a list of different methods to identify them.

First of all, obviously, If you first hear about the leaks on or around April Fools Day, it’s more than likely fake. Secondly, if you hear the news too far before the time you would expect to hear it, it’s also likely fake. An obvious example would be hearing about the plot of the final episode just after episode 5 airs. However, even if it seems like the perfect time for certain types of news, sometimes fake news starts circulating a while before the real news comes out but still end up at a convincing time. To help identify the time you should expect the real leaks, I’ve made a calendar using the average month some official news comes out:

February: Super Sentai second quarter and Kamen Rider fourth quarter catalogues

March: Trademark for new Ultraman

April: Super Sentai third quarter and Ultraman first quarter catalogues

May: Trademark for new Kamen Rider

July: Kamen Rider first quarter, Super Sentai fourth quarter and Ultraman second quarter catalogues

September: New Super Sentai Trademark

October: Kamen Rider second quarter catalogue

December: Kamen Rider third and Super Sentai first quarter catalogues

For plot details of future episodes, don’t expect news about episodes more than 6 weeks after the last episode to be true. Finally, expect about 90% of the information leaked between the new name trademark and the first quarter scans to be fake. A common thing you can expect is a “leaked” image of the new supposed Sentai Red. This has been happening since at least Go-Onger, and they have all been fake. The only real first image of the Sentai Red will be a still of an actor in the actual suit. You can expect this image to appear sometime before or at the same time as the first quarter scans.

Inconsistent or missing information isn’t uncommon in fake Toku news. Take, for example, the fake catalogue scans from earlier this year depicting a supposed new Kamen Rider series (see featured image). Some of the pages had release dates while others didn’t. Another notable thing about those scans is that they weren’t actually scans, they were low-ish quality photographs taken in a way to exclude some information. This is common with fake scans across all different forms of media to make it appear like it was taken in a hurry. Most real information is scanned before it is leaked. The final key piece of evidence that this was fake was that the background was quite bland. Most catalogues are usually a bit more creative with the backgrounds. If you encounter a new name for a Toku series, double check the twitter account @trademark_bot to see if the name is there. While there is a chance that rumoured names are real, it’s not worth believing them if they haven’t been trademarked yet.

These next few aren’t generally used for when forging Toku leaks, but I’ve often seen these in fake video game leaks so these may be helpful. Some images might be fan art passed of as scans. You can find out if these images appear on other websites by cropping out the part of the image you believe is fake and running it through a reverse photo search. Google has a built in reverse photo search function on its image page, but other websites dedicated to reverse photo searching exist, such as TinEye and Image Raider.

Finally, the most important tip, trust your gut instinct. The human brain is amazing at detecting abnormalities in anything so if you think it’s fake, it almost certainly will be.

What are your favourite ways to spot fake Tokusatsu leaks? Let us know in the comments!

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New Images Show Potential New Kamen Rider

Do these new images show off a new Rider, or is it just a well-made prank?

Since it’s April Fools Day scans and rumours have been popping up recently, 99% of these are almost certainly fake. However, these images have really stood out among the rest and probably has the highest chances of actually being real. Supposedly, this is concept art from the new season of Kamen Rider to be aired late this year. While it is still best to take these images with a grain of salt, they’re still really well made and worth talking about.


The first image shows a nameless new Rider with a handful of its forms, one of them being a base form and the others being combinations of three previous riders suggesting that this is an anniversary season. Similar to OOO, the three riders that make up the form are all set to a certain body part, either the head, torso or legs. The first of these new forms is a mix of Stronger, Kabuto & Blade, the second being a mix of Shin, Gills & Amazon, and the last one being a mix of Mach, Accel & Lazer. What’s interesting is that the riders that make up the forms all have a common motif. The riders that make up the first form are all based on the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle, the Riders that make up the second form are all mutant-type Riders, the Riders that make up the last form are all Secondary Riders based on motorbikes. This means that other forms will likely also consist of riders with a common theme. With this in mind, it’s going to be fun to speculate what new forms could be made out of what riders. Personally, I would like to see a form made up of Riders that started off evil and eventually redeemed themselves (Zangetsu, Genm & Chaser), all female Riders (Poppy, Marika & Necrom P) and Riders that are controlled by two people (W, Den-O & Drive).

Above the Forms is Eyecon like devices that are supposedly this season’s gimmick, three of the devices represent the new Rider’s base forms while the other eighteen represent the other Riders. Unlike the OOO medals, the devices don’t seem to have any indication of what body part they are used on, possibly meaning that they could be used in any order. Along with the previously mentioned forms, there are also forms representing Knight, Baron & Brave (Knight themed Secondary Riders), Beast, Kaixa & Ixa (All Secondary Riders) and G3, Drake & DiEnd. Because the Secondary Rider forms seem to be connected to the main rider, it could suggest that this season will only have 1 rider.


The next image shows two other forms or possibly two other new riders, the first of which is next to a silhouette of what appears to be an upgraded version of the form. The other seems to be a form based on Kamen Rider Decade, if these are new riders than this could actually be a new form of Decade. Since the devices in the first page seem to be connected to one of the three forms, some of the Past Rider forms could be exclusive to one of the other Riders/Forms. If these were new riders, then the movie exclusive rider would likely use forms based on other movie exclusives (Bujin Gaim,
Dark Drive & Dark Ghost, Idunn, Mars & Kamuro or New Den-O, Nega Den-O & G Den-O).


The final image shows brand new forms for different riders, supporting the idea that the Decade themed rider might be Decade himself. The new rider forms are Kamen Rider Cyclone, A new OOO combo with an insect theme, Fourze Launcher States and Zangetsu Jinba Melon Arms. Since this is likely an anniversary season, Riders from Wizard and Drive-Build would also likely get new forms. I would personally like to see Necrom get his own equivalent of the Mugen Damashii or a Super Dead-heat Mach.

So, Is it a fake? Because of the time of year, It probably is. The Background seems a bit plain for a catalogue and some pages have information missing (Price and/or release date etc.) and it’s also quite strange that some images don’t even show the full page. However, it’s art style is really similar to other art shown in real catalogues so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being real. We’ll probably have to wait until the summer to get proper confirmation but this could be a look into what the final Heisei Rider Season could be like.

Do you think this is real? What forms would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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Kamen Rider Build: Photos of Upcoming Toys Leaked

This year, at the end of year reception in Kawada, some upcoming toys for Kamen Rider Build were shown off. Most of these toys were still in some prototype form as they were unpainted. Thanks to Dengeki Hobby Web we have some photos of these upcoming toys.

Most upcoming toys shown off were some of the November releases. These include the Cross Dragon. The Cross Dragon comes with the Dragon Full Bottle and is used in the Build Driver by the secondary Rider, Kamen Rider Cross.


Continuing with Kamen Rider Cross, here is his weapon the Beat Crosser. Like the Cross Dragon, this toy is seen in its unpainted, prototype form. The Beat Crosser does have Full Bottle functionality but it’s not sold with any.


The toy for Build’s bike, which comes with the Lion Full Bottle can be seen as well. This bike is scaled to work with the Build Bottle Change figure line.

For other Build toys, some upcoming weapons and Full Bottles were shown off. Build’s upcoming weapon for his PirateTrain form, the Kaizoku Hassha. This bow weapon is also unpainted. Like Build’s other side weapons no Full Bottles are sold this this weapon. It dosen’t have any Full Bottle functionality. Also seen is the Pandora Panel, this toy comes with the Firetruck Full Bottle, which is needed to complete the Best Match with Vaccum. The Pandora Panel can hold up to 10 Full Bottles, so 5 Best Mathces. Both of these toys come out in November.


The final toy shown off at this event is the special Full Bottle for Build’s upgrade form RabbitTank Sparkling. This large Full Bottle takes up both slots in the Build Driver. It seems this toy is really close to ready as it matches the finished product from the toy scans. Due to the dim eyes on the bottle it’s possible this Full Bottle may light up on it’s own. This toy is out in December.


Away from this event, some images for a new Build Premium Bandai toy have been revealed. This item, the Snap Ride Builder, is an accessory for the Build Change Rider Series figures. It’s made to replicate the transformation sequence for Build’s Best Matches this piece allows the two halves of Build to be clipped in one on each side and have Build stand in the middle to get the show effect.

The images revealed showcase this being used by the 4 released, or about to be released figures in the Build Change Rider Series.

1- RabbitTank




This piece can be used by future releases of the line as well. Since it’s interchangeable none of the pipes have colors in them as it would make it not show accurate. If you are a collector of the Build Change Rider Series then this piece is perfect for your collection! This toy is due out in February 2018 from Premium Bandai.

Keep your eyes here on Toku Toy Store News for all the details about upcoming Kamen Rider toy releases, as well as those from other tokusatsu series.

Will you be picking up any of these new toys? Do you collect the Build Rider Change figures? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Kamen Rider Build 2nd Quarter Toy Catalogue Revealed

It’s time, once again, to prepare your wallets and clear out some shelf space because the new Kamen Rider Build catalogue is here! All of these toys will be releasing between November 2017 and February 2018.

The first of the new toys is a brand new gimmick line, the “Scrunch Jellies”. These are Full Bottles in the shape of a drinks pouch and can be used with the new DX Scrunch Driver. The Scrunch Driver allows Kamen Rider Cross (Banjou Ryuuga – Cross, Claws, name TBC) to transform into Kamen Rider Cross Charge using the Dragon Scrunch Jelly. A new Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Grease, will use the Robot Scrunch Jelly to transform. The Scrunch Driver will be released in December.


The next new toy is the “Twin Breaker”. This will be the main weapon of Kamen Riders Cross Charge and Grease. The Twin Breaker will have 2 modes; Attack Mode and Beam Mode. It will also be able to do 3 different finishers; Single Break (when one Full Bottle is inserted), Twin break (when one Full Bottle and one Scrunch Jelly is inserted) and Let’s Break (when the Cross Dragon is inserted). The Twin Breaker will also be released in December.


Next up is the “Hazard Trigger”. The Hazard Trigger is a red device that attaches to the top of the Build Driver, allowing Build to access upgraded versions of some of his forms. Using it alongside the Rabbit and Tank Full Bottles will allow Build to transform into RabbitTank Hazard form. The Hazard Trigger will be released next February.


Now for more Bottles! The new Full Bottles are Wolf, Sumaho (Smart Phone), Phoenix and Robo. The Wolf and Sumaho Full Bottles will also be compatible with the Hazard Trigger. There will also be two new Full Bottles representing past riders: The Medal Full Bottle (OOO) and the Friendship Full Bottle (Fourze). The Medal and Friendship Full Bottles will be released in November, the Phoenix and Robo Full Bottles will be released in December & the Wolf and Sumaho Full Bottles will be released next February.

The next Bottle is the Crocodile Crack Full Bottle. When used in the Scrunch Driver, it will allow Night Rogue to transform into Kamen Rider Rogue. The Bottle will be released next February alongside Kamen Rider Rouge’s main weapon, the Nebula Steam Gun.


Next we have even more new Bottles! We have; Unicorn and Keshigomu (Eraser), Gold and Scorpion, Tora (Tiger) and UFO, Kujira (Killer whale) and Jet, Turtle and Watch, Shika (Deer) and Pyramid, Kirin (Giraffe) and Senpuki (Fan) & Penguin and Sukebo (Skateboard). All of these Bottles will be released in February.


And finally, the figures. There will be Bottle Change and Rider Hero Series figures of Build RabbitTank Sparkling, Cross Charge and Grease released in December And Kamen Rider Rogue to be released next February. There will also be “Legend Rider History” figures of Ex-Aid and Fourze.


What do you think of the new catalogue? Which new Build toys will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on our Facebook/Twitter pages!

[Source: “No Good Toku Talk” on Facebook]