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Toei Announces 100 hours of Heisei Kamen Rider for Golden Week

100 Hours of Heisei Kamen Rider episodes will be aired during Japan’s Golden Week!

With the Heisei Generation of Kamen Rider coming to an end in April 2019, Toei will be doing a campaign called “Thank You! Heisei Kamen Rider” where they will be airing 100 hours of Heisei Kamen Rider over ten days during Golden Week to celebrate.

The Riders will be from Kuuga through to Zi-O and fans on Twitter are allowed to choose a mix of 200 episodes to air. Special Episodes and movies will not be included. The selection campaign runs from March 1st till March 15th.

Below is a list of the available episodes to choose from:

Kamen Rider Kuuga #1~#49
Kamen Rider Agito #1~#51
Kamen Rider Ryuki #1~#50
Kamen Rider 555 #1~#50
Kamen Rider Blade #1~#49
Kamen Rider Hikibi #1~#48
Kamen Rider Kabuto #1~#49
Kamen Rider Den-O #1~#49
Kamen Rider Kiva #1~#48
Kamen Rider Decade #1~#31
Kamen Rider W #1~#49
Kamen Rider OOO #1~#48
Kamen Rider Fourze #1~#48
Kamen Rider Wizard #1~#53
Kamen Rider Gaim #1~#47
Kamen Rider Drive #1~#48
Kamen Rider Ghost #1~#50
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid #1~#45
Kamen Rider Build #1~#49
Kamen Rider Zi-O #1~#26

The Episodes will be aired from April 27th 2019 till May 6th 2019 in Japan.

What episodes do you want to see aired? Do you wish specials and movies had been included? Let us know on our social media pages!

Source: Daisuki Toku
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SODO Sundays – February 24th, 2019

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. Today, the rest of Set 7 and some teases for what’s to come.

Kamen Rider Zi-O

The final figures of Set 7 have been revealed. First up is Oma Zi-O! Teased back around Christmas this figure will finally be releasing in this set. His stand confirms his name as Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O, which is the first time he’s been referred to as an official Kamen Rider.

The other final figure of the Set is Woz’s Futuring Kikai armor. The final future Rider armor Woz has used in the show will also include both versions of Zi-O II’s sword. An extra Woz body from Set 6 will be included in Set 7 for those who don’t own one yet.

A new SODO ad has teased 2 figures not shown before. First was the Zi-O Decade Armor in its Build RabbitTank Sparkling mode. Confirming that we would be getting these armors in the line. Also Cross-Z Evol from the upcoming Cross-Z V-Cinema was also shown. With SODO Set 8 being another featuring Build set this makes a lot of sense to be included in the next set.

This ad also revealed the prototypes for some Another Riders from Zi-O! Another Build, Ex-Aid, Faiz, and Gaim were shown off in the ad. No information on how many they are doing or the way they are to be released yet but stay tuned.

As always you can watch SODO Sundays Season 2, Episode 13 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays Season 2! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel.

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Premium Bandai announce Kamen Rider Heisei Phase One Ridewatch sets

Following on from the general release of the Phase Two Ridewatches, it has been announced that you must turn to Premium Bandai for the Phase One forms.

In a very brief teaser, the Bandai Blog have announced the plans for a release of six DX Final Form Ridewatches via Premium Bandai. The first set, dubbed Volume 1, will feature Kuuga Ultimate, Agito Shining, and Ryuki Survive while Volume 2 contains the Faiz Blaster, Blade King, and Armed Hibiki forms.

According to the graphic, more details on the release will be made available on January 31st. Stay tuned to Toku Toy Store for more information and preorders.

Source: Bandai Blog
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SODO Sundays – October 14th, 2018

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. Today, the first couple of figures in Zi-O Set 3 are revealed.

Kamen Rider Zi-O

The first few figures have been revealed for Zi-O Set 3! First up is the Fourze Armor. This armor, being more involved than others, will take up 3 of the slots in this set. The first 2 slots will be for the armor itself, and the stand. A rerelease/slight remold of the base Zi-O body from Set 1 will be in the set as well to allow for the different design the Fourze Armor has compared to others. Like in the show, the rocket mode used in the finisher attack can be done as well.

In a surprise move, SODO announced they will be covering the, as of now, toy and Ganbarizing exclusive Ride Armors. Ryuki is the first to be revealed as a part of Set 3. This is a basic armor, just a simple head, chest, shoulder pad, and thigh swap. If you missed out on the armor body from Set 1 and 2 then good news, it’s included in Set 3 as well. Also included with Ryuki is a new version of the Zikan Girade in sword mode that is now molded to have a Ridewatch in the slot for the finisher attack.

Both the Fourze and Ryuki armors are Zi-O only and no Geiz version pieces are included.


As mentioned in the last episode a new SHODO-X set is on the way. The Bandai Candy Toy blog has released some new images of these figures as well as teased some possible upcoming SHODO figures in the works.

On the next episode of SODO Sundays, it’s showtime!

As always you can watch SODO Sundays Season 2, Episode 5 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays Season 2! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel.


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SODO Sundays – October 1st, 2018

Hello, tokusatsu community! It’s Joshua Perry here to talk about SODO figures on my fortnightly series, SODO Sundays. Today the rest of Zi-O Set 2 and some news from the SHODO line on this special Monday edition!

Kamen Rider Zi-O

The rest of Set 2 has now been revealed! First up is the Ex-Aid armor. Just like with Drive and Ghost the SODO Ex-Aid armor is including pieces for both Zi-O and Geiz versions. Also included is the punch hammer fists and a stand like usual.

Although it doesn’t premiere till next week’s episode the Geiz exclusive Faiz form has also been revealed! Bandai included everything they could’ve with this one, he comes with a stand, the Faiz Shot weapon. a swappable leg piece with the Faiz Pointer on it, and even the gun mode of the Faiz Phone X! Sadly there are no pieces to make a Zi-O version of this armor.

These 2 armors finish up the complete Set 2 line-up, the Ex-Aid, Ghost, Faiz, and Drive armors as well as re-releases of the Zi-O and Geiz armor bodies from Set 1.



Premium Bandai has revealed a new SHODO-X Set due for release in February 2019. Included are figures for Kamen Rider Diend, Faiz, and Faiz Axel. Faiz’s bike Auto Vajin is also included, as well as pieces to make the robot form for Auto Vajin.

SHODO doesn’t stop there as new Showa bikes and the Yellow Shocker Rider #1 have also been revealed at a toy fair in Japan.


Next time blast off when SODO Sundays returns to its normal Sunday release.

As always you can watch SODO Sundays Season 2, Episode 4 here:

That’s it for this edition of SODO Sundays Season 2! Stay tuned for the next edition on both Toku Toy Store News and YouTube channel.

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Kamen Rider Faiz Legends Returning for Kamen Rider Zi-O

Kamen Rider Zi-O, the 20th and final entry in the Heisei Period of Kamen Rider premieres this weekend. In preperation, more returning actors and artists have been announced for the new series.

Following the return of Kamen Riders Build, Cross-Z, Ex-Aid, and Brave to Zi-O the next two Riders Zi-O and Geiz will encounter have been revealed to be Kamen Rider Faiz and Kamen Rider Kaixa. Reprising their roles, Kento Handa as Takumi Inui and Kohei Murakami as Masato Kusaka respectively these returning Legend Riders will be featured in episodes 5 & 6 of Kamen Rider Zi-O.

That’s not it for returning Faiz Legends. It has also been revealed the opening theme for Kamen Rider Zi-O, titled “Over Quartzer” will be performed by a special unit made just for Zi-O consisting of Shuta Sueyoshi and ISSA. Both veteran Rider artists as Shuta performed “Climax Jump” the opening of Kamen Rider Den-O 11 years ago and ISSA who performed “Justi φ’s” the opening for none other than Kamen Rider Faiz.


What do you think of these returning Faiz Legends? Who would you want to see Zi-O bring back next? Leave a comment down below!

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Everything we know so far about the Complete Selection Modification Kaixa Gear

Happy Kaixa Day, folks! In celebration of the date on the calendar that resembles Kamen Rider Kaixa’s henshin activation number, 9/13, Premium Bandai have published the pre-order information for their latest offering in the Complete Selection Modification line, the Kaixa Gear.

As with the previously released CSM Faiz Gear, the Kaixa Gear will be available in two forms. When pre-ordering, you have the choice of getting the Kaixa Belt alone or a complete set of all of the weapons and side arms used by Kaixa during the series. The full set, while costly, will net you the Kaixa Driver, Kaixa Shot, Kaixa Pointer and Kaixa Blaygun.

The Kaixa Gear differs significantly from the original Deluxe (DX) version of the toy. As with the Faiz Gear, a plethora of sounds have been added to each item included within the set. The keypad on the cellphone features individually pressable buttons, which can be used to unveil up to nine different sounds within the toy. By pressing the CALL button whilst the phone is ringing, you can unlock voice clips from Kusaka, Mari, and Keitaro. Moreover, the Kaixa Phone also carries three of the show’s background music themes: “Kaixa”, “Side Basha” and “Eyes Glazing Over.”

Kamen Rider Kaixa also uses a bayonet style weapon, the Kaixa Blaygun, which is molded in a large size with a total length of about 87 cm. By installing and removing blade parts, it is possible to reproduce “Gun Mode” and “Blade Mode”. The Blaygun emits light using LEDs, including an image of an Orphenoch to help you target your attacks.

The Kaixa Pointer includes the functionality to transfer between “Binoculars Mode” and “Kick Mode” by attaching / detaching the mission memory. Similar to the Orphenoch image in the Blaygun, the Pointer will emit an X for targeting purposes. The Kaixa shot operates in a similar fashion and can be transformed between “Camera Mode” and “Knuckle Mode,” again by attaching or detaching the mission memory.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of this set is the ability to communicate wirelessly between each of the set’s components. When the Kaixa Blaygun, Pointer or Shot interact with the Kaixa Driver, you can activate Kaixa’s Exceed Charge finishing attacks, Kaixa Slash, Gold Smash and Grand Impact.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition to the product images you’ve seen here, Bandai also released a video featuring Murakami Kohei playing with the Kaixa Driver and Kaixa Blaygun, which can be viewed below:

You may need to sell a kidney to get it but we definitely think it’s worth the hefty price tag. Will you be picking up the CSM Kaixa Gear? Let us know in the comments!