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Kamen Rider Build Episode 41 Review

In an interesting turn, Evolt opens this week’s episode by actually trying to recruit Build. This turn is somewhat unexpected, but what’s not is the response. Evol Phase 1 and Build Genius are evenly matched, and we get our first hint of what is to come from the final showdown. After a brief encounter, we begin to see the next part of Evolt’s plan take hold.

A call from Banjou does a good job of setting up the rest of the episode in fitting, dramatic fashion. Currently, we are less than ten episodes from the end of the series, and the endgame plot has begun to come together in recent weeks. The payoff is starting to become more clear with episode 41, though. Katsuragi Shinobu is alive, and this episode is where we begin to see the ripple effect that one narrative choice has on the rest of Build’s world.

After talking with the smuggler Reika, Team Build is given a USB Drive full of research data, passed on from Katsuragi Shinobu, and begin to try to decipher everything. Going through the research notes, we see a page written in English explaining the Lost Bottles.


The gravitas of the scene is undercut by Gentoku and Kazumin goofing off like children, but fits well to ham up an otherwise serious scene. Misora, thankfully, is there to keep them on track and we get an exposition dump for those who need a refresher on the plot up to now.

This time, the plot summary includes the instance of Katsuragi Shinobu repairing the Evol Driver. Otherwise, none of this is anything fans of the show haven’t seen before. The most interesting part of this recap, easily, is hearing the various characters interject their own thoughts and opinions for each various plot point. There is a lot of comedy to be had from the way they all interact, including Kazumin and Misora having a yelling exchange over his Inner Voice. As the recap draws to a close, the music and shot composition take a decidedly more dramatic turn once again, and we see Evolt going over his plots and plans.

As Misora cares for Isurugi, who is in a hospital bed, she and Sento talk about the Best Matches. The idea for Best Matches, as we know them, was drawn from Isurugi Souichi’s memories with a much younger Misora.


This was Evolt’s first experience with human emotion, and led to the formation of the animal-item format for Best Match bottles that has been the series’ staple. Another internal dialogue between Sento and Katsuragi Takumi leads to a new theory about why Best Matches follow the same conventions for Build that they do for Evol, fittingly turning human emotions against the alien threat.

This conversation happens while Build is waiting to make contact with an old colleague of Katsuragi Shinobu, who decides to attack on sight, saying that he needs to defeat Build or be killed by Evol.


This new Smash is leaner than the others before him, and looks more like a new kind of Rider. Because Sento is using Genius form, the battle ends quickly and the man’s Smash essence is removed, leaving him as just a man. Then they talk briefly about Katsuragi Shinobu before the former lab assistant is killed by Evol.

As the battle continues, we see Evol begin to feel genuine rage for the first time. He overpowers Sento and gains two new Lost Bottles as a result, leading to the reveal that Katsuragi Shinobu is Evol’s lead researcher, the mysterious man in the gas mask who has been seen previously in the background of Evol’s plans.


Overall, this episode is solid, if largely serving as a plot dump. There is a lot of exposition ham-fistedly handed to the viewer, but it may help to make sense of the plot thus far to those who missed the finer details in previous episodes.

What did you guys think of this week’s Build? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!


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New Photos Of Kamen Rider Build Genius Form And Kamen Rider Great Cross-Z

As Kamen Rider Build slowly reaches it’s end, let’s have a closer look at Build and Cross-Z’s final form.

In these Brand new magazine scans, we see our first clear look of Kamen Rider Build’s Genius Form.



This form will be accessed when the Genius Fullbottle is inserted into the Build Driver.


The Genius form will be able to preform 3 attacks; Genius Attack, Genius Break and Genius Finish.


Next we see 4 brand new black and gold Fullbottles (Bat, Fukurou (Owl), Kuwagata (Stag Beetle), Spanner). There is also a new panel to display them on, but no best matches have been confirmed.


And finally, we have the Great Cross-Z Dragon and Great Dragon Evol Bottle. These will be used by Kamen Rider Cross-Z to transform into Kamen Rider Great Cross-Z.



The Great Cross-Z Dragon is used in a similar way to the regular Cross-Z Dragon, the bottle is inserted into the Dragon which is then inserted into the Build Driver.








Similar to other Premium Bandai toys, the Cross-Z Dragon will also have say some of Ryuuga’s quotes when the button on the front is pressed. The Great Cross-Z Dragon will be released in October and will cost 3,024 yen.


You can expect to see all of these new forms in the coming episodes.

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Kamen Rider Build F1Saurus and GoldScorpion Best Matches Cancelled

Bad news for fans of Build’s many forms today, as two upcoming Best Match Forms, F1Saurus and GoldScorpion, have seemingly been removed from the Full Bottle Buster. As the Full Bottle Buster is meant to be compatible with all Full Bottles and Best Matches, this seems to indicate that these two Best Matches and corresponding forms have been scrapped. The news comes courtesy of Japanese Youtuber CraneJoe, who posted a short video on the subject yesterday.


In the video, CraneJoe is shown demonstrating the bottle sounds in the Full Bottle Buster. He begins to use custom keys to mimic Bottles 13, 14, 47,and 48 on the Full Bottle Buster, and again in the Build Driver. This is a total of two Best Match sets and four Full Bottles that have been seemingly removed. This news may come as a disappointment to those who were excited for these new Best Matches and forms, but rest assured there is likely more coming! Build has never been the series to disappoint when it comes to multiple forms or gimmicks, and this trend is likely to continue! Be on the lookout for updates as they come!

What are your thoughts on this decision to remove these Best Matches? Let us know in the comments!

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New Catalogue Scans for Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patoranger

Get your wallets ready because new toy catalogue scans have recently been released! These scans cover Kamen Rider Build’s 3rd Quarter And Lupinranger VS Patoranger’s 2nd Quarter. You can expect these Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger VS Patoranger toys to come out within the next few months.

Starting with Lupin VS Pato, we have the “X-Changer”. This will be the changer for the new 7th ranger, Lupin-X and Patren-X. The X-Changer is a gun that can switch between 2 modes using Lupin/Patren-X’s two new VS Vehicles…


These are the “X-Train Thunder” and “X-Train Fire”. The X-Train Thunder is a Bullet train that’s used for Lupin-X and the X-Train Fire is a steam train that’s used for Patren-X. These VS Vehicles combine into X-Emperor. Similar to Time Robo, X-Emperor will have two forms (representing either Lupinranger or Patoranger).


Next is his weapon, the “X-Rod Sword”. Like all of the other toys so far, It has two modes representing each of the teams.

Finally, we have some new auxiliary VS Vehicles. For Lupinranger, we have the “Scissors Dial Fighter” and the “Blade Dial Figher”. For Patoranger, we have the “Trigger Machine Crane” and “Trigger Machine Drill”. These will be compatible with all of the mecha and weapons.


Moving on to Build, we begin with Cross-Z’s final form: “Cross-Z Magma”. Ryuuga will access this form using a new attachment for the Build Driver, the “Magma Knuckle”.


As well as new forms, a new rider will appear by the name of “Kamen Rider Evol”. He will use the “Evol Driver” alongside the “Cobra EvolBottle” and “Rider EvolBottle”. He will also use the “Evol Trigger” to become “Kamen Rider Evol Black Hole”.



Evol won’t be the only rider to use the Evol Driver. Build will use it with the Rabbit & Rider EvolBottles, Cross-Z will use it with Dragon & Rider EvolBottles and Rogue will use it with the Bat and Engine Full Bottles.




Finally, Build’s Ultimate form, “Kamen Rider Build: Tensai (Genius) Form”! He will access this form using the “Genius FullBottle” in the Build Driver.




You can expect these toys to come out between April and June.

[Source and huge props, as always, to @TheRealMattHunt on Twitter]

Which toys will you be getting? Let us know in the comments!

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Kamen Rider Build’s February Pre-Orders & March Preview

Another new month means another new round of Kamen Rider Build toys!

First up is Build’s newest power-up form RabbitTank Hazard. The vinyl figure for this form, available here, will release on February 5th in Japan so should arrive in the UK towards the middle of the month. To achieve this form Build uses the DX Hazard Trigger. The Hazard Trigger attaches to the top of the Build Driver to access the Super Best Match sounds. Any previous or future Best Match of Full Bottles will work with this. The DX Hazard Trigger also arrives in February and can be pre-ordered here for £29.99.


February also sees the release of two new DX Full Bottle sets. The first is the DX SmaphoWolf Full Bottle set. This set includes the Smartphone and Wolf Full Bottles that have been seen in the show. The second set is the DX UniEraser Full Bottle Set. This set includes the Unicorn and Eraser Full Bottles. You can pre-order SmaphoWolf here and UniEraser here.


That’s not it for Full Bottles…. February 26th sees the release of two more DX Full Bottle Sets in Japan. The DX TurtleWatch Set and the DX RoseCopter set. Included in these two sets are the Turtle, Watch, Rose, and Helicopter Full Bottles. Head here and here for those pre-orders.


As with any Full Bottle Set all of these will work with the DX Build Driver and are £12.99 each.

February also sees the debut of the new Kamen Rider: Rogue! His arrival brings the release of the DX Crocodile Crack Full Bottle, available here for £29.99. Unlike other bottles, this one has lights and sounds while taking a unique design. This bottle is designed to be used in the DX Sclash Driver. It releases on February 19th in Japan so you can expect them to hit British shores around the beginning of March.


Kamen Rider Rogue also brings the release of his weapon the DX Nebula Steam Gun. This repaint of the Transteam Gun done in Purple and Gold will include 2 items known as Gears. The Gears allow transformation into Kaisers. The included gears are the Gear Engine and Gear Remocon. Like the Transteam Gun, the Nebula Steam Gun can combine to form the Nebula Steam Rifle. This will release for £44.99, also expected at the start of March. Get yours here.


Alongside this new weapon, Kamen Rider Rogue also sees the release of his Bottle Change Rider figure for £39.99. The Kamen Rider Rogue vinyl will arrive late February and you can pick it up for the usual £9.99 vinyl figure price. Go here for the BCR and here for the vinyl.



As a reminder, Kamen Rider Grease will finally get his BCR figure on February 10th in Japan. Pre-orders are still open for this item and available here.

That’s it for Kamen Rider Build in February! But Build isn’t done yet…

Some photos of upcoming March toys have also been revealed.

A surprising number of Full Bottle sets will be released in March including:

-DX Orange & Magician      -DX TigerUFO     -DX WhaleJet    -DX GiraffeCyclone

-DX PenguinSkateboard  -DX DeerPyramid   -DX WaspSubmarine

All of these Full Bottle sets will cost £12.99 and release throughout the month of March.

Bandai was prepared for all the new Full Bottles to add to the collection with the release of 2 new Pandora Panels.


The DX Pandora Panel Red and DX Pandora Panel Blue are releasing in March. Both of these panels include 6 clips to form the Pandora Box. To make the Pandora Box 6 panels (or 2 of each kind) are required. The DX Spider and Cooler Full Bottles will be released with the panels. We expect them to retail for £29.99, the same price as the Grey panels.

Also, to celebrate all the new Full Bottles, will be the DVD release of the ‘Kamen Rider Build: Raising the Hazard Level – The 7 Best Matches; YouTube special. Included in this set is the DX Shark and Bike Full Bottle Set.

All these March releases will be available for pre-order soon at

It’s definitely going to be an exciting few months for Full Bottle collectors! What do you think about the new Build toys? Are there any you’re planning on buying? Leave a comment down below!

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New Lupinranger Vs Patoranger And Kamen Rider Build Magazine Scans

Recently, new magazine scans have appeared for Kamen Rider Build and Lupinranger vs Patoranger.

The build scans first show Kamen Rider Grease with some information about him, followed by a page showing off dome of the upcoming gear such as; the Nebula Steam gun, the Robot Sclash Jelly and the Hazard Trigger.



We then see some of the new Full Bottles (Smartphone, Unicorn, Helicopter, Rose, Wolf, Keishigomu) as SG Bottles, as well as the new Gachapon bottles (Smartphone, Wolf, Keishigomu, Unicorn, Camera, Kabutomushi).



The next page shows a silhouette of Build’s RabbitRabbit and Tank Tank forms.


We then see Build RabbitTank Hazard fighting Night Rogue next to a list of new best match combinations, followed by a page revealing another new rider; Kamen Rider Rogue.



We then see more shots of Rogue, alongside the new Crocodile Crack Bottle.


Next we see Build, In his RoseCopter form, fighting Grease.


We then see Sento using the Hazard trigger to become RabbitTank Hazard and HawkGattling Hazard.


We then see some more new bottles alongside some more shots of Grease and Build.


The next page shows Build’s RoseCopter and ToraUFO forms, followed by one last shot of Build fighting Grease.



We then see all of Build’s upcoming forms.



We finish off with some more pages of Build fighting Rogue.





Now on to Lupinrnager vs Patoranger.

The first few pages show off the two teams, their bases and their mechs.





We then move on to a preview of how the two teams will transform.


Next we see PatorenUgo, the final form of the Patoranger with the GoodStriker in both modes.








After some pages with information about the teams, we see the two main Mecha for the teams. The LupinKaiser and the PatoKaiser.

That’s it for all the new scans, but get ready for a lot more news as Lupinranger vs Patoranger starts next month!

What are you most excited about, Build or Lupinranger Vs Patoranger? Let us know in the comments!

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Details of the Kamen Rider Build YouTube Mini Series Revealed!

Keeping with the recent tradition of having a YouTube special series at the beginning of the year that Ghost and Ex-Aid did Kamen Rider Build will be getting one as well. As it was teased back in the 2nd quarter toy scans for Build the special will be released next month titled “Kamen Rider Build: Raising the Hazard Level with 7 Best Matches” This will be a 2 part special to get a closer look at the other Bottles from the other regions in the show.

As the title suggests new exclusive Best Matches will be revealed for Kamen Rider Build that are activated with the Full Bottles from Hokuto and Seito. This special will also feature a large number of Full Bottles that don’t appear to have Build forms tied to them.


The DX Full Bottle sets that go along with this special will be released between February and March for 800 yen each.

First up from Hokuto:


The 10 Full Bottles shown on the Blue Hokuto Panel are Phoenix, Robot, Rose, Helicopter, Smapho (Smartphone), Wolf, Unicorn, Keshigomu (Eraser), Turtle, and Watch.

Additional Hokuto Full Bottles that would go on another Blue Panel include Kuma (Bear), Televi (TV), Spider, Reizoko (Refridgerator), Kabutomushi (Beetle), Camera, Dog, and Mic.

Not pictured in the special trailer but shown in the toy catalog is Scorpion and Gold to finish off the Hokuto.

Of the Hokuto bottles, the special will focus on the Build Forms for PhoenixRobo, SmaphoWolf, and GoldScorpion.


Now on to Seito:


The 10 Full Bottles shown on the Red Seito Panel are Tora (Tiger), UFO, Kirin (Giraffe), Senpuki (Fan), Kujira (Whale), Jet, Shika (Deer), and Pyramid.

Also shown on this panel are the Sai (Rhino) and Dryer Bottles, neither of which have any toy release at this point.

Additional Seito Full Bottles that would go on another Red Panel include Penguin, Suekbo (Skateboard), Obake (Ghost), and Magnet.

Also shown is the lone Hachi (Bee) Bottle which will be paired with Sensuikan (Submarine) Bottle. Neither of these Bottles along with Magnet have any toy releases at this point.

Of the Seito Bottles, the special will focus on the Build forms for ToraUFO, KujiraJet, and KirinCyclone.

For the final of the 7 mentioned Best Matches, Build will get the Same (Shark) and Bike Full Bottles to make the SameBike form. It’s unknown what region these Bottles belong to or how these will get any toy release.

The Kaisers from Heisei Generations FINAL will also appear this time being white and green instead of Blue and Red. Finally, Build using the new Hazard Trigger will also use the SmaphoWolf Hazard form in this special.

Part 1 of this special will be released on February 5th. Part 2 will be released on March 12th. Both on the official Toei YouTube channel.

Thanks to Genm Corp subs for subbing the trailer you can check out the full trailer here:

As always you can get all these new Full Bottles at

What do you think of the new Build forms and Full Bottles? Wil you watch this special? Leave a comment down below!

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More Kamen Rider Build 3rd Quarter Toys Announced

Some additional Kamen Rider Build 3rd Quarter toys have popped up. Though not many they are interesting for the show.

First up are 2 new Pandora Panels. These were just seen in the show as the panels belonging to Houkto and Seito. Included with the Blue Panel is the Spider Full Bottle and included with the Red Panel is the Cooler Full Bottle. These 2 bottles are a Best Match. Both release for 2,300 yen in February. Like the original panel, these can each hold 10 Full Bottles. These ones include special connectors that allow them to be connected to make the Pandora Box, though you would need to buy 2 of each Panel to do so.


Finally, a new Legend Rider Full Bottle set has been revealed featuring DX versions of the Magician and Orange Full Bottles. These 2 were already released in Gashapon and Candy Toy formats but now can be bought DX. Magician with Diamond makes sounds for Kamen Rider Wizard while Orange with Lock makes sounds for Kamen Rider Gaim. Retailing for 900 yen these also release in February.

What do you think of these new toys? Will you buy multiple panels to make the Pandora Box? Leave a comment down below!


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Kamen Rider Build Episode 11 Review

This is the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Cross-Z’s introduction was hyped up since the first catalogue scans. And, after 11 episodes (and even more name-changes), he’s finally here. Let’s find out what his introduction was like.

The episode starts at the cafe, where Sentou details his plans to turn the Cross Dragon into a henshin device for Ryuuga to use. They hear about a SMASH attacking at a cliche tokusatsu warehouse and go over to investigate, despite the dragon bottle’s danger. Sentou and Ryuuga arrive at the warehouse where they find Night Rouge. Sentou uses the Dragon and Lock bottles to transform but they over-power him. Ryuuga tries to use the dragon bottle to transform but he can’t, this is later revealed to be because Ryuuga can only transform when he wants to help someone. To be completely honest, this just seems like a lazy way to stop him from transforming until the end. Considering what his motivations are, they’ll probably forget about this later in the series.

Back at the cafe, Misora notices Sawa try to place another bug. She tries to confront her about it but she leaves, and alerts Nanba that her cover may have been blown. Later on, Misora tries to warn Sentou about Sawa. He gets a message from Sawa with a video of her being turned into a SMASH. Even for Faust this seems a little harsh to me. One possible screw up and you’re a SMASH, they don’t even know if her cover was definitely blown yet.

Sentou goes to fight the SMASH but ends up being overpowered by the bottles again. Ryuuga comes in and takes the bottles and uses them to become Kamen Rider Cross-Z. I really like Cross-Z’s design. It looks a bit like an upgrade for Build, but considering it uses mostly the tech I don’t really have a problem with it. The colours work great with each other and his sword, the Beat Crosser, is one of the coolest in the season (and this season has some pretty nice swords). He defeats the SMASH and rescues Sawa, who reveals to him and Sentou that she’s been a spy this whole time.

This episode was okay. Personally, I think that a secondary rider introduction should be a little better. It would’ve been nice to see more of Cross-Z or at least Ryuuga trying to get used to the suit or something first. It also would’ve been nice to see a brand new character become a rider but we still have Grease to look forward to. The episode works fine on it’s own though, just slightly underwhelming for what is meant to be an information to a new rider.

What to do you think of Cross-Z? Let us know in the comments!

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Kamen Rider Build 2nd Quarter Toy Catalogue Revealed

It’s time, once again, to prepare your wallets and clear out some shelf space because the new Kamen Rider Build catalogue is here! All of these toys will be releasing between November 2017 and February 2018.

The first of the new toys is a brand new gimmick line, the “Scrunch Jellies”. These are Full Bottles in the shape of a drinks pouch and can be used with the new DX Scrunch Driver. The Scrunch Driver allows Kamen Rider Cross (Banjou Ryuuga – Cross, Claws, name TBC) to transform into Kamen Rider Cross Charge using the Dragon Scrunch Jelly. A new Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Grease, will use the Robot Scrunch Jelly to transform. The Scrunch Driver will be released in December.


The next new toy is the “Twin Breaker”. This will be the main weapon of Kamen Riders Cross Charge and Grease. The Twin Breaker will have 2 modes; Attack Mode and Beam Mode. It will also be able to do 3 different finishers; Single Break (when one Full Bottle is inserted), Twin break (when one Full Bottle and one Scrunch Jelly is inserted) and Let’s Break (when the Cross Dragon is inserted). The Twin Breaker will also be released in December.


Next up is the “Hazard Trigger”. The Hazard Trigger is a red device that attaches to the top of the Build Driver, allowing Build to access upgraded versions of some of his forms. Using it alongside the Rabbit and Tank Full Bottles will allow Build to transform into RabbitTank Hazard form. The Hazard Trigger will be released next February.


Now for more Bottles! The new Full Bottles are Wolf, Sumaho (Smart Phone), Phoenix and Robo. The Wolf and Sumaho Full Bottles will also be compatible with the Hazard Trigger. There will also be two new Full Bottles representing past riders: The Medal Full Bottle (OOO) and the Friendship Full Bottle (Fourze). The Medal and Friendship Full Bottles will be released in November, the Phoenix and Robo Full Bottles will be released in December & the Wolf and Sumaho Full Bottles will be released next February.

The next Bottle is the Crocodile Crack Full Bottle. When used in the Scrunch Driver, it will allow Night Rogue to transform into Kamen Rider Rogue. The Bottle will be released next February alongside Kamen Rider Rouge’s main weapon, the Nebula Steam Gun.


Next we have even more new Bottles! We have; Unicorn and Keshigomu (Eraser), Gold and Scorpion, Tora (Tiger) and UFO, Kujira (Killer whale) and Jet, Turtle and Watch, Shika (Deer) and Pyramid, Kirin (Giraffe) and Senpuki (Fan) & Penguin and Sukebo (Skateboard). All of these Bottles will be released in February.


And finally, the figures. There will be Bottle Change and Rider Hero Series figures of Build RabbitTank Sparkling, Cross Charge and Grease released in December And Kamen Rider Rogue to be released next February. There will also be “Legend Rider History” figures of Ex-Aid and Fourze.


What do you think of the new catalogue? Which new Build toys will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on our Facebook/Twitter pages!

[Source: “No Good Toku Talk” on Facebook]