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First look and new toys revealed inside Hasbro’s Power Rangers Toy Fair display

Before it’s even officially open, we have a really good look at Hasbro’s display space at New York Toy Fair 2019! It’s been a busy few days for fans of Power Rangers. With New York Toy Fair approaching, followers of the brand were excited to find out just what exactly Hasbro had planned for us […]

Power Rangers Stage Show Coming to the US and Canada

The Power Rangers franchise is taking another shot at live shows. Amongst the new toy and Beast Morphers premiere news today, Hasbro have announced a new partnership to create a new series of live stage shows across the United States and Canada. This marks the second time in the last few years that a live […]

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cast and Trailer Revealed

As is the tradition at Power Morphicon, the cast of the next season of Power Rangers has been revealed! Showing up on stage at the end of Super Ninja Steel panel the cast for the main three members of Power Rangers Beast Morphers were revealed to be: Photo Credit: Ranger Command Power Hour on Twitter […]

Other Reveals from the Power Rangers Toys and Collectibles Power Hour

Hasbro has just finished wrapping up their Power Rangers Toys and Collectibles Power Hour panel at Power Morphicon 2018. There was a lot of reveals that came from this panel. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars First up was the 25th Anniversary announcements involving the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. This past week, an image showing […]

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Announced

During a panel at Power Morphicon today, the world was finally given a sneak peek at what Hasbro intends to do with the Power Rangers brand. This news brought hope to a great many fans, myself included, in the form of the Lightning Collection, a new anthology series of figures set to drop its first […]

Power Morphicon 2018: First Look at the Convention Hall

Not at Power Morphicon? Not to worry! Toku Toy Store is here to keep you informed with all of the up to the minute news and information from the world’s largest Power Rangers convention! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know by now that Power Morphicon 2018 is just getting underway this evening. […]

Power Rangers Confirmed for Netflix’s “The Toys That Made Us” Season 3

After some teasing from the staff, it was officially confirmed during their San Diego Comic Con panel that Power Rangers will be one of the four toy brands featured in Netflix’s “The Toys That Made Us” Season 3. Last month, it was shown the staff of the show visited the headquarters of Toei in Japan. […]

Saban KYU RANGERS Trademark From 2017 Found

Could recently discovered trademark registries reveal how Hasbro changed Power Ranger plans for Saban Brands? Even though Hasbro has now gained ownership of the Power Rangers franchise, it seems at one point something involving Uchu Sentai Kyuranger was being planed by Saban Brands. It has been found that a trademark for KYU RANGERS was filed […]

Aniki Cosplay Helmets Seized by US Customs

Power Rangers cosplayers have always had a tough time, due to the high cost of suits, helmets, and props, but now a new obstacle has seemingly presented itself. Recently, a trend has been appearing on social media in regards to certain cosplay props being seized and later destroyed by US Customs Enforcement. A few posts […]

Hasbro Confirmed to be buying Power Rangers from Saban

Saban are selling the Power Rangers franchise to Hasbro! Earlier today, Hasbro released an official statement on their website detailing the acquisition of the “Power Rangers” brand from Saban Brands. This news comes as no shock, as the possibility was brought up earlier this year when Saban Brands announced that Hasbro would hold the master […]

Why Wasn’t Ressha Sentai ToQger Adapted?

Does Saban’s Surprising Announcement Mean New Hope For ToQger? Not long ago, I made an article talking about why Go-Busters didn’t get adapted. I went through some of the possible reasons about why it was ignored, ending with what it would most likely be like if it wasn’t. That article is now somewhat dated since […]

Hasbro Acquires Power Rangers Toy License

Big changes are coming our way as Hasbro takes control of Power Rangers toys. After all this chaos yesterday regarding Saban Brands not renewing their master license with Bandai America, a lot of speculation swiftly followed about who would be in control of the Power Rangers toy line. Many rumors at the time speculated Hasbro […]

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