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Ultraman R/B Full Cast Revealed

As we gear up to the premiere of Ultraman R/B in a couple of months, Tsuburaya Productions today revealed the remaining cast members for Ultraman R/B, including side characters. As of today, the following actors have officially joined the cast:

  • Arisa Sonohara, playing the Minato brothers’ younger sister, Asahi Minato
  • Ginnojo Yamazaki, playing the father, Ushio Minato
  • Motoki Fukami playing Makoto Aizen, a corporate president



Left to right: Arisa Sonohara, Ginnojo Yamazaki, Motoki Fukami

Asahi Minato is described as a pacifist, a girl who will go out of her way to avoid fighting, to the extent she won’t even play Janken, the Japanese version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. She is a high school student who always carries candy with her, and takes care of the chores around the Minato house on behalf of her mother. She is, “The glue that holds the Minato family together.”

Ginnojo Yamazaki makes his return to the world of Tokusatsu in another patriarchal role as he takes on the role of Ushio Minato, the father of the Minato family. Previously, Yamazaki played Lucky’s father in 2017’s Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger. Ushio Minato is described as a gentle, kind man and owns a fashion boutique called “Quattro M,” though he lacks the business sense to run a store. Through Quattro M, Ushio sells his own designer clothing brand, UshioMinato, and is trying to expand the brand, though his lack of sense for small details makes him unaware his sons are the two Ultramen.

Lastly, Makoto Aizen is the president of Eizentech, a company researching unknown energy sources with a focus on space-based technology. The achievements of Eizentech have gained attention from all over the world, though the headquarters is based in Ayaka City, the setting for the show and home of the Minato family. He is confident and friendly, and is most often seen wearing fancy suits.

These new characters and actors are already vibrant and full of unique personality traits, which will serve to only deepen and expand the world of Ultraman R/B when it premieres this July. Perhaps the connection between Aizen and the Minato family could be in the clothing designs? Or maybe he will become fascinated with the Ultramen. In addition to these new characters, we were given a bit more in the way of background on the show and some backstory for the two new leads themselves.

Katsumi Minato, Ultraman Rosso, was a talented baseball player as a boy, but had to give up his dream when his mother disappeared 8 years before the show begins. He is the only employee at Quattro M, working with his father, and is a temperamental, easily excitable intellectual man.

His brother Isami, by contrast, is a college student studying space archaeology, which is the same field the Minato family matriarch studied before her disappearance. He dislikes physical exercise, and studies in his spare time. He respects his older brother for giving up his dream of playing professional baseball to help out with the family, and is described as bright and positive. He is referred to as the “mood maker” of the scenes he is in.

Lastly, we got a glimpse at a new weapon, the R/B Slugger, which is similar in design to the Eye Slugger used in the past by UltraSeven. R/B Slugger can change forms for each brother, changing its attack capabilities.


Ultraman R/B is being directed by Masayoshi Takesue, while the writing will be handled by a team consisting of Ultraman Orb writer Takao Nakano and Super Sentai veterans Junki Takegami (Hyakkujuu Sentai Gaoranger) and Satoshi Ito (Engine Sentai Go-Onger). Ultraman R/B premieres July 7th, and is set to run for 25 episodes. Look for more details and information as we get closer to the release date.

Source: Tsuburaya Station Via The Tokusatsu Network

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S.H. Figuarts Dan Kuroto and Shin Dan Kuroto Announced

The Game Master returns! Bandai has recently announced that kami-sama himself, Shin Dan Kuroto, will be getting the S.H. Figuarts treatment in the form of not one, but two S.H. Figuarts! Dan Kuroto will and Shin Dan Kuroto have both been announced for release. Dan Kuroto is highly detailed, featuring a facial scan of actor Tatsuya Iwanagi, and Shin Dan Kuroto is decidedly more like something out of anime or a western cartoon. It’s silly, it’s over the top, and it couldn’t be more perfect. The press release photos show the figure in various poses, each channeling the Game Master flawlessly, and the face includes an almost unsettling amount of similarity in expression to the actor himself. The production model is sure to lose some of that quality, as all human-faced figures do, but it is still quite a sight to behold. See images below.

Dan Kuroto:

Shin Dan Kuroto:

S.H. Figuarts Shin Dan Kuroto so far does not have a price, and pricing will be announced in the near future. Per the pictures, the figure will include the Continue pipe as well as a miniature version of the Dangerous Zombie Gashat. Toku Toy Store will be accepting preorders for this item once pricing is released. This article will be updated once pricing is released.
What other Kamen Rider characters would you like to see with the actors likeness? Let us know!

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Power Rangers Legacy Wars Street Fighter Crossover Announced

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is getting an unexpected crossover in the way of a visit from Capcom’s Street Fighter series as an event. Beginning today, characters and abilities from Street Fighter can be unlocked or purchased in the game on both iOS and Android, and can be added to your roster of Rangers and villains. A trailer, linked below, was released announcing the event, as well as several screenshots of Street Fighter characters battling particular Rangers.

As it turns out, Capcom and particularly Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono count themselves as big Power Rangers fans, and are very excited to be working on this project. Ono had the following to say.

“The collaboration between Power Rangers and Street Fighter feels like a dream to me. The Rangers series that I also grew up watching as a kid have crossed overseas, became Power Rangers, and is now well received by all ages. I can’t contain my excitement just thinking about the idea of our Street Fighter characters moving about in that world.”


nWay CEO Taehoon Kim had this to add:

“This incredible Street Fighter and Power Rangers crossover shows how the competitive mobile gaming scene is thriving and attracting massive confidence from legendary videogame companies and their passionate fanbases. Seeing Street Fighter characters duking it out with Power Rangers is truly new and magical.“

Kim also sees an untapped market in this crossover, adding enthusiastically that, “It’s never been done before and now we are making it happen in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, proving the rising trend of competitive mobile gaming in the West.”

To ensure a faithful transition, the Japanese office of Capcom oversaw the development of these characters directly, in a partnership with Legacy Wars’ developer, Korean studio nWay. The event kicks off on May 16, starting with the release of Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile.

The release for characters and their abilities is as follows:

Available May 16
Ryu – Shoryuken, Hadoken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Chun-Li – Spinning Bird Kick, Kikoken and Hyakuretsukyaku
Guile – Sonic Boom, Flash Kick and Sonic Cross

Available May 19
Akuma – Gou-Hadoken, Zanku Hadoken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

Available June 1
Cammy – TBA
M.Bison – TBA

Each character can be unlocked using the game’s Morph Boxes and by collecting character shards, or purchased outright for $4.99 US each.


Are you excited to see your favourite Street Fighter characters duke it out with the Power Rangers? Leave your thoughts below!

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Ultraman R/B First PV and Plot Released

Finally, we have a wealth of information straight from the source. In a press release, linked below, Tsuburaya Productions have revealed the synopsis for the plot of Ultraman R/B (Ruebe), as well as a release date. The series will feature two brothers as Ultraman hosts. The brothers, Katsumi and Isami Minato, live with their sister and father, and seemingly stumble upon the R/B Gyro and R/B Crystal accidentally. Katsumi, played by 24-year old actor Yuya Hirata will become Ultraman Rosso, with a base form using Fire, and Isami, played by 22-year old Ryosuke Koike will become Ultraman Blu, whose base form is Water. These will be the Rosso Flame and Blu Aqua states we have seen in magazine scans previously.

Also seen in the older scans, and now confirmed, is the R/B Gyro and R/B Crystal system used by the brothers to transform. High-resolution images were included in the article, showing the device and the base R/B crystal for each brother. The PV included with the press release also showed more details, and each suit in action, so check that out for more visuals!


The story’s themes will be “bond” and “love,” according to Tsuburaya, and seems to indicate an underlying theme of maturity, of growing up and realising what is important in life. This seems to indicate that the brothers will need to overcome conflicts not only with enemies, but with each other, and that they will meet new allies along the way. The release includes high-resolution photos of both new Ultraman suits, as well as their human “hosts” as seen below, and thoughts from the new actors on entering the franchise.



A quote from Yuya Hirata in the press release states that the show will have “ ‘non Ultraman-like features’ in a good sense while following the good aspects of the historical Ultraman series.”

Personally, I am very excited to see how this aspect of the new series plays out. To date, we have already had three new Ultramen revealed. Is it possible more could be coming? With the various colours already seen, it’s possible we could be looking at the Ultraman version of a Super Sentai series, with multiple coloured heroes each having a different power set. To support this, Hirata also goes on to state that he is “Excited to make ‘Ultraman R/B’ into ‘our colour’.”


Also included in the press release is a statement from Ryosuke Koike in which he reveals that “Ultraman series have long been my aspiration since I was little.” He acknowledges that the bar is set very high by what came before, but adds that he will strive to live up to it. Koike goes on to add that he understands the influence heroes like Ultraman can have on children and that he wants to play the role in a positive way.

Personally, I am very excited to see what a team who appears this passionate about a project can do with a world and lore as deep as Ultraman. It seems, based on the initial information here, the Tsuburaya definitely picked the right team for this series. On top of the two very enthusiastic leads, the series will be directed by Masayoshi Takesue, whose previous credits include Ultraman X, Ultraman Orb, and Ultraman Geed.


Ultraman R/B premieres July 7th on TXN in Japan, and will run for 25 episodes. Worldwide release and simuldub through Crunchyroll is likely to follow.

What are your thoughts on the new Ultraman series? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

Article Source: Tsuburaya Productions, Co. Ltd.
PV Source: Tsuburaya Productions, Co. Ltd. Via YouTube

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Potential New Kamen Rider Build Toy Listings Includes Final Form For Grease

New Toy listings have come out detailing the last few Kamen Rider Bulid Toys.

These were leaked by a 2chan user who has shared correct info before, however, it is worth taking this with a grain of salt anyway.

DX KarasuRobot Sclash Jelly

Price- 3,200 Yen

Info- Transforms grease into his Final Form. To use, the cap is spun, and then inserted into the SclashDriver.

DX RabbitDragon Bottle

Price- 3,200 Yen

Info- Special item that appears in the summer movie! Insert into the driver to henshin, and into the FullBottleBuster to activate a finishing move!

DX EvolBottle Set

Price- 1,800 Yen

A set of 4 bottles belonging to the exclusive Movie Riders appearing in the summer film. Insert into the EvolDriver to henshin.

Campaign item:

Via Gambarizing, people can obtain the F1 bottle! Using it together with the Keisatsukan Full Bottle will activate the Kamen Rider drive form!”

All of these toys will be released in July.

Will you be getting any of these toys? Let us know in the comments!

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Ultraman R/B Title and Release Date Confirmed

Ultraman 2018 now has a name and a release date! Via the latest image from Tsuburaya shown below, the title has been confirmed as Ultraman R/B (pronounced Rubu, read as Rube) and will feature two protagonists, now officially dubbed Ultraman Rosso (red) and Ultraman Blu (blue). The primary series antagonist, as revealed earlier, will be Ultraman Orb Dark.

All three use an Orb gimmick to obtain their power, with Rosso drawing from Ultraman Taro and Blu from Ultraman Ginga, respectively. Ultraman Orb Dark, as his name implies, will be a re-imagining of the classic hero.


This announcement comes after a busy week for Tsuburaya, with magazine scans and information about the new series coming in plentiful bursts earlier in the week to reveal the changers, gimmick items, and Ultraman Orb Dark’s existence. There is still much speculation about the plot of the show, and how it ties to existing Ultraman canon. Will Geed make a return appearance? Will the two new characters have a mentor in the form of some older Ultraman veteran? Only time will tell, but look for Ultraman Rube to premiere in Japan on July 7th, 2018. The global release will follow shortly after.

What are your thoughts on the new show? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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Ultraman Russo and Ultraman Bull Changer and Gimmick Items Revealed

More information has been released about the upcoming Ultraman series for 2018, this time in the form of high-resolution pictures of the changers used by Ultraman Russo and Ultraman Bull.

Based on the scans, it seems the default form for each Ultraman will be Russo Flame and Bull Aqua, based on Taro and Ginga, respectively. The gimmicks this season are orbs, rather than capsules, but follow the motif used by Geed’s Ultra Capsules in the sense that each gimmick device will act as a power battery to channel previous Ultraman characters and Kaiju or Daikaiju.


The gimmick items, Orbs, seem to be similar in design to Kamen Rider Ghost’s Eyecons, or Uchu Sentai Kyuranger’s Kyutama globes. Each Orb has a unique design, shown in the images below, such as one Flame Orb having horns but not the other.

A limited selection of weapons is also pictured, one vaguely resembling the Klingon Bat’leth of Star Trek fame, another looking a bit like a container of some kind, maybe for Orbs or for some unseen card gimmick.


Also pictured is a dark version of Ultraman Orb, shown in an image next to one of the new changers made up in similar colours to his suit. Could we be seeing the series antagonist now? Only time will tell.


Look for more information later on. Updates will be provided as information becomes available. The as-of-writing untitled Ultraman 2018 will premiere later this year.

What are your thoughts on these new changers, powers, and gimmick items? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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Ultraman Russo and Ultraman Bull Revealed

Good news for Ultraman fans today, as Ultraman Russo and Ultraman Bull have been unveiled, each with multiple forms. Seen in the scans below, Ultraman Russo and Ultraman Bull each have Aqua, Flame, Wind, and Ground forms, but details on the overall plot are lacking at this time. You can see the designs for the new Ultraman characters below, as well as each of their four forms.


The information comes via Twitter user @Erasu, who goes into great detail about which Ultraman is which, and what their forms are for.


Personally, I am very excited to see what the new season will bring to the franchise, especially given the earlier rumours that the new Ultraman will be the son of Ultraman Taro. Which one will it be? Or are they, perhaps, brothers? It will be very interesting to see what other information comes out as we get closer to the premiere.

Ultraman 2018 still does not have an official title, though it will likely be named for one of the two characters we have just seen. If tradition holds, Tsuburaya will likely license the new series to Crunchyroll for streaming in territories outside of Japan. Look for it to premiere later this year.

What are your thoughts on Ultraman Russo and Ultraman Bull? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

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New Images Show Potential New Kamen Rider

Do these new images show off a new Rider, or is it just a well-made prank?

Since it’s April Fools Day scans and rumours have been popping up recently, 99% of these are almost certainly fake. However, these images have really stood out among the rest and probably has the highest chances of actually being real. Supposedly, this is concept art from the new season of Kamen Rider to be aired late this year. While it is still best to take these images with a grain of salt, they’re still really well made and worth talking about.


The first image shows a nameless new Rider with a handful of its forms, one of them being a base form and the others being combinations of three previous riders suggesting that this is an anniversary season. Similar to OOO, the three riders that make up the form are all set to a certain body part, either the head, torso or legs. The first of these new forms is a mix of Stronger, Kabuto & Blade, the second being a mix of Shin, Gills & Amazon, and the last one being a mix of Mach, Accel & Lazer. What’s interesting is that the riders that make up the forms all have a common motif. The riders that make up the first form are all based on the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle, the Riders that make up the second form are all mutant-type Riders, the Riders that make up the last form are all Secondary Riders based on motorbikes. This means that other forms will likely also consist of riders with a common theme. With this in mind, it’s going to be fun to speculate what new forms could be made out of what riders. Personally, I would like to see a form made up of Riders that started off evil and eventually redeemed themselves (Zangetsu, Genm & Chaser), all female Riders (Poppy, Marika & Necrom P) and Riders that are controlled by two people (W, Den-O & Drive).

Above the Forms is Eyecon like devices that are supposedly this season’s gimmick, three of the devices represent the new Rider’s base forms while the other eighteen represent the other Riders. Unlike the OOO medals, the devices don’t seem to have any indication of what body part they are used on, possibly meaning that they could be used in any order. Along with the previously mentioned forms, there are also forms representing Knight, Baron & Brave (Knight themed Secondary Riders), Beast, Kaixa & Ixa (All Secondary Riders) and G3, Drake & DiEnd. Because the Secondary Rider forms seem to be connected to the main rider, it could suggest that this season will only have 1 rider.


The next image shows two other forms or possibly two other new riders, the first of which is next to a silhouette of what appears to be an upgraded version of the form. The other seems to be a form based on Kamen Rider Decade, if these are new riders than this could actually be a new form of Decade. Since the devices in the first page seem to be connected to one of the three forms, some of the Past Rider forms could be exclusive to one of the other Riders/Forms. If these were new riders, then the movie exclusive rider would likely use forms based on other movie exclusives (Bujin Gaim,
Dark Drive & Dark Ghost, Idunn, Mars & Kamuro or New Den-O, Nega Den-O & G Den-O).


The final image shows brand new forms for different riders, supporting the idea that the Decade themed rider might be Decade himself. The new rider forms are Kamen Rider Cyclone, A new OOO combo with an insect theme, Fourze Launcher States and Zangetsu Jinba Melon Arms. Since this is likely an anniversary season, Riders from Wizard and Drive-Build would also likely get new forms. I would personally like to see Necrom get his own equivalent of the Mugen Damashii or a Super Dead-heat Mach.

So, Is it a fake? Because of the time of year, It probably is. The Background seems a bit plain for a catalogue and some pages have information missing (Price and/or release date etc.) and it’s also quite strange that some images don’t even show the full page. However, it’s art style is really similar to other art shown in real catalogues so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being real. We’ll probably have to wait until the summer to get proper confirmation but this could be a look into what the final Heisei Rider Season could be like.

Do you think this is real? What forms would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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Ultraman 2018 First Image Released

Some exciting news is coming out of Tsuburaya Productions today as we have been given our first glimpse at the 2018 Ultraman, at least in silhouette form. In the image below, we get our initial look at the new character, unnamed as of this writing. Tsuburaya has trademarks for three new character names currently, leading to a few possible theories. One is that the name is not final; another, that we will have multiple lead characters this year.

As of this writing, we have the possible names Ultraman Lube, Ultraman Rosso, and Ultraman Bull. A fourth name, Ultraman Bright has also been floating around the rumor mill, as well as speculation that the new Ultraman for 2018 will be the son of Ultraman Taro, in the same way Ultraman Geed was the son of Ultraman Belial. Any rumors, at this point, are purely speculation, but the possibilities are very exciting nonetheless. You can find updates here as they become available, and look forward to Ultraman 2018 premiering later on this year.

What are your thoughts on this new development? Leave a comment below!