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Saban KYU RANGERS Trademark From 2017 Found

Could recently discovered trademark registries reveal how Hasbro changed Power Ranger plans for Saban Brands?

Even though Hasbro has now gained ownership of the Power Rangers franchise, it seems at one point something involving Uchu Sentai Kyuranger was being planed by Saban Brands. It has been found that a trademark for KYU RANGERS was filed by Saban Brands back in June 2017.


It also appears that on June 21st, 2018 it was renewed. Does this mean that Kyuranger was at once considered for the 2019 series of Power Rangers? Or is something new with Kyuranger on the way? We’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think this trademark is for? Would you like to see Kyuranger become a series of Power Rangers? Leave a comment down below!

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Guest star information for Uchu Sentai Kyuranger VS Space Squad Movie

The guest stars, and their respective characters, for Kyuranger VS Space Squad have been revealed!

This past Monday, the guest stars for the upcoming Uchu Sentai Kyuranger VS Space Squad film were announced via Kyuranger’s official Twitter account.

Appearing in the film will be Masayuki Daei from GoGo Sentai Boukenger and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, who will be playing Roy as well as Yuko Takayama, Rinko from Kamen Rider Wizard, in the role of Kimiko Naruse. Both characters are to be presidential aides. In addition to them, Satomi Hirose, known best as Ninja White from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, will be playing Tsurukiku, a character with importance within the film’s story.

The film will feature the return of all 12 Kyurangers after they have defeated Dan Armage and his evil Jark Matter organisation as they team up with Space Sheriffs Gavan/Geki Jumonji and Shaider/Shu Karasuma.

The film has been written by Kyuranger head writer Nobuhiro Mori and will be directed by Koichi Sakamoto, who directed the previous two Space Squad outings for the franchise. The film is due to be released in Japan around August 8th on Blu-ray and DVD and will be briefly in cinema throughout June.

Are you excited to see the Kyurangers return? Who do you think the movie’s bad guy will be? Let us know in the comments below!

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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs Space Squad V-Cinema Revealed

Tonight Uchu Sentai Kyuranger ended with its 48th episode. It looks like the universe’s ultimate saviours won’t be done just yet!


Announced for an August 8th Blu-ray and DVD release is the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger vs Space Squad V-Cinema! Space Squad will be returning in this movie with Gavan Type G and the new Shaider.

It will also be receiving a limited theater release in Japan in June.

What do you think of this announcement? Who else who you like to see return from the Space Squad? Leave a comment down below!

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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode 32 Review

The Space Sentai are in a new timeslot this week and this episode did all it could to kick off this new era with a bang! The episode opens with Don Armage ordering a new focus in eliminating the Kyurangers; any of his henchmen able to do so will achieve Vice Shogun status as a reward. Kukuruga blames Akyanba for this and takes responsibility for removing the Kyuranger problem himself. He summons Dogyun and deploys him to Earth.

Meanwhile, on the downed Orion-gou, our heroes continue to question Naga about the whereabouts of Don Armage. He is able to share his rough location but cannot say for sure. The enquiry turns to Raptor and when the Orion-gou will be repaired. She becomes flustered and is unable to answer until the alarms alert them to a series of Moraimazu explosions on Earth. The team are about to deploy when they notice Tsurugi sitting in the Captain’s seat. He states that he is taking over as commander because he used to be president of the Space Federation and activates Kyulette the Chance in a hilarious 80s hair band routine, assisted by Stinger.

With the fun over, Lucky, Stinger, Hammie, Naga and Garu head to Earth, flanked by Tsurugi. As they arrive, the population are being attacked by household appliances under the control of Dogyun. This begins an expanded introduction to the opening music, fully explaining who the team are and how they have developed into twelve saviours; a nice little catch up for anyone tuning in for the first time because of the new timeslot. The team are able to get around the appliances and launch a finishing attack on Dogyun. Just as the attack is about to hit, the blast is interrupted by a shot from Washi Pink, ostensibly saving the monster.

When questioned, she states that she hopes Dogyun could use his ability to control machines to help repair Orion-gou. Tsurugi explains that this isn’t possible, explaining the science of the gloop Dogyun uses to control appliances. He dismisses Raptor’s concern for the ship as delusional and Raptor runs away, devastated that he would speak badly of the potential demise of their ship.

The team return to assess the damage to the ship and Spada regales the story of when, at the time it was just the two of them on the ship, the Orion-gou appeared to perform a miracle to get them out of trouble. Tsurugi starts to come around and Lucky goes to speak to Raptor. The others return to confront Dogyun, who has anticipated their return and set the five Moraimazu in the area to explode on a ten minute timer. The team transform and attack Dogyun but are held back when Kukuruga interferes.

Lucky finds Raptor in a playground and talks her through the problem. He reassures her that the team feel the same way about the Orion-gou as she does and that she should honour him by continuing to save the galaxy with them. The pair take flight and remove the controlling gloop from the Moraimazu, thwarting Dogyun’s plan. With the threat of explosion removed, Tsurugi apologises to Raptor and the team make light work of Dogyun.

Dogyun grows to giant size and is met with Kyutamajin. While the Kyurangers are able to easily take care of Dogyun, he once again takes control of the Moraimazu, uniting them and putting the gigantic structure on a collision course with Earth. Lucky tries to use Kyutamajin to destroy the massive structure but even Ultimate Meteor Break is futile against it. Raptor vows to destroy the structure for the Orion-gou and show him that they will save the universe in his name. These words cause the Orion-gou to regain power. It teleports the remaining team members into their Voyagers and sets itself on a collision course with the Moraimazu monstrosity. The Orion-gou sacrifices itself to destroy the structure, leaving the parting message ‘Good Luck’ on their heads-up displays. With peace restored, the team mourn the loss of the ship and vow to defeat Don Armage for its sake.

As the episode closes, we’re treated to a glimpse of the past where Shou Lonpou is looking over a massive new ship. What is this ship and how will Ryu Commander get it to our heroes?

Did you enjoy this episode of Kyuranger? How do you feel about the demise of the Orion-gou. Let us know in the comment section below or discuss it with us on Toku Toy Store’s Facebook and Twitter!

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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode 31 Review

As the battle to save the universe gets tougher and tougher, we get ever closer to finding out if our team of saviours can bring peace to every corner of space. The latest episode opens like many others with a recap of the last few episodes featuring the debut of Shishi Red Orion.

After the opening, we see our team get back together minus Shou and Champ, who are still in the past telling the story of of the legendary saviours. As the team get together, we find out Don Armage is still alive and controlling the universe, how can this be so, didn’t Lucky defeat Don Armage in the past?

As the team make a plan, we find out Naga has taken Garu and Kotaro hostage. Furthermore, Balance is missing and Echidna is still on Earth, tasked with defeating Naga as a consequence of his emotions being too dangerous. Much to the surprise of everyone, Balance returns and has a plan.

Echidna is next seen fighting Hebitsukai Metal on her own and seems to be losing quite badly, even to the point of being controlled by Naga’s special ability. Suddenly, Balance, Tsurugi, Lucky, Hammy and Spada appear to try to bring Naga back to normality. As our heroes transform, an all out fight between Balance and Naga starts. Will Balance be able to bring his friend back to normal or will Naga break the bond forever?

Just as Hebitsukai Metal launches a final attack on Tenbin Gold, Shishi Red blocks the attack. As the explosion clears, no-one can see Lucky and Balance. While the team act like they’re distraught after having lost their teammates, in truth they have been shrunk using the power of the Genbikyo Kyutama. Now in microscopic size, they enter Naga’s body.

Once inside Naga’s body, Balance and Lucky find the original version of Naga tied up. Balance instinctively steps towards him but Hebitsukai Metal tries to stop Balance from rescuing his pal. Balance tries to get through to Naga and, with the help of everyone cheering for him to come back, our version wakes up and destroys Hebisukai Metal for good.

With Naga finally free from his curse, he, along with the others, transform and fight Akyanba and her minions. Lucky uses his new Shishi Red Orion form to deal the most damage while everyone else fights the underlings. After a brief fight, Naga joins Lucky and uses the Dark Kyutama to become a good version of Hebisukai Metal. Metal deals a final blow to Akyanba but, unfortunately, she survives, gloating that she was using Naga for some fun.

Back on the Orion, the team welcome back Naga with open arms and plan to throw a party. Before they party, Naga reveals he now has an idea where Don Armage is, thanks to him working for Jark Matter.

In my opinion, this episode was fantastic. The fight scenes worked extremely well and the storylines following Naga and Balance has been some of the best in the series. I now can’t wait for it to move into the final arc.

What are your thoughts on the Hebitsukai Metal arc? Does it compare to the other arcs in the series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on Facebook/Twitter!

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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode 30 Review

Episode 30 of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger marks the end of the Time Travel Arc we’ve been following since episode 24 and it does so spectacularly, if a little unexpectedly. Previously, Don Armage had revealed his uncloaked form and dealt a lethal blow to Lucky, after the group had unleashed a devastating final attack on him. This left us with perhaps the show’s greatest cliffhanger to date and promised an interesting resolution.

Episode 30 itself picks up immediately where 29 left off and shows Orion buying the team enough time with his shield to organise a retreat. Unfortunately, his shield wasn’t powerful enough to protect him completely as we see him stabbed by the tip of Don Armage’s scythe.

Back on the Orion, Tsurugi believes he can find a way to save Lucky, even as their enemies make their advance on their crippled ship. A plan is formed and set into motion that will, if successful, revive Lucky. However, they still have an injured Orion (the warrior) and a downed Orion (the ship); how will the rangers get themselves out of this jam? You’ll have to see for yourselves.

Without delving too far into spoiler territory, at least what isn’t already spoiled by scans of magazines, this episodes is a lot of fun to watch, I’ve been following the time travel arc without quite being sure of where they were going with it and found myself rather surprised by the conclusion they chose. However if you’re a fan of realistic time travel as I am this episode may irk you in parts.

Kyuranger has a very pick-and-choose attitude with regards paradoxes. They mention the possibility of some but completely ignore others, but since this is a show with Pegasus armour that makes you dance, perhaps this isn’t surprising.

All in all, this episode is an excellent conclusion to the arc. It gives a very satisfying conclusion to an interesting premise while, at the same time, setting up several new plot threads that can be followed up in subsequent episodes.

In this regard, I think this episode demonstrates best what Kyuranger is trying to do. It’s a much faster paced show than some previous Sentai with a heavy focus on the Rangers being proactive, rather than reactive. It gives us short arcs that are not self contained and elements and consequences from one effect subsequent arcs.

Given the plot heavy nature of this episode and it’s quality in general this is an absolute must see episode. Without it, you’d have no idea what’s going on in the next episode and you’d be missing out on some really great moments.

What did you think of this episode? Did you like it as much as I did? Let us know what you thought in the comments. 

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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode 29 Review

This week in Kyuranger, we find out what happened to the team on the Orion and we run into a new ally, so follow me and let’s talk about episode 29.

The episode opens much like any other, with a run down of the past few weeks. To recap what is happening to our team of saviours, we have Lucky, Garu, Hammie, Balance and Kotaro on present day Earth trying to bring Naga back to his usual, emotionless self, and the rest of the team travelling back in time to find out why Jark Matter are still a present threat even after Tsurugi defeated Don Armage over 300 years ago.

The opening scenes show the team on Earth looking over a crashed and beaten Orion ship. With no clue what happened to crew, Lucky takes it upon himself to travel to the past on his own, leaving Hammie, Balance, Kotaro and Garu to deal with Naga. After Lucky arrives in the past, he is greeted by the sight of his fallen team mates and a strange looking man. After a brief fight with a death worm, it is revealed this strange looking man is actually Orion, who stayed on Earth after he sealed Tsurugi on the Argo.

Tsuguri has a quiet moment with Orion and speaks of how Lucky could be even more of a legend that he is. After this, we are informed that Orion has a son in the Leo (Shishi) constellation; just who is this son and have we met him in the series so far? The team all agree with Tsuguri that fighting alongside Lucky is the right choice and they vow that they will take down Don Armage, no matter the cost.

An all out fight ensues with Lucky taking the charge against the Vice-Shoguns. Lucky and Orion fight extremely well together, even catching the eye of Houou Soldier. Suddenly, during the battle, a bright spark appears over the heads of Lucky and Orion. What could this be? Could it feature again soon? The team take down all but one of Don Armage’s best. Will this change the present day, and, if it does anything, what will happen to Naga?

With his Jark Matter subordinates humiliated, the dark lord himself, Don Armage, arrives. Our heroes fire an All Star Crash to defeat him once and for all and the scene is silent until Armage launches a small attack, piercing Lucky’s abdomen and seemingly killing him. As Lucky hits the floor, the shogun himself takes corporeal form, approaches the Kyurangers and reveals his true form.

What is going to happen to Lucky? What was the bright light and will Ryu Commander ever take things seriously? Stay tuned for episode 30 of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger!

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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: The Story So Far

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is, at the time of writing, the 41st installment of the long running Super Sentai series and is in some ways quite a departure from what we’ve come to expect from Sentai, while still retaining familiar codes and conventions. This is little doubt, due in some way to the involvement from Bandai of America during this season’s development, that this series will become the next Power Rangers series, after Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in 2018. As we’re more than halfway through the show’s run, it seems appropriate to recap the events leading up to this point in case some people have forgotten or not caught and episode of the series yet.

Kyuranger is set in a future where the evil Space Shogunate Jark Matter had conquered the galaxy and now rules it with an iron fist. The only force that can hope to oppose Jark Matter and it’s leader Don Armage are the ultimate saviors Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

These Rangers are: Lucky (Shishi Red), Stinger (Sasori Orange), Garu (Ookami Blue), Balance (Tenbin Gold), Champ (Oushi Black), Naaga (Hebitsukai Silver), Hammie (Chameleon Green), Raptor 283 (Washi Pink), Spada (Kajiki Yellow) Shou (Ryu Commandor), Kotaro (Koguma Skyblue) and finally Tsurugi (Houou Soldier).

Kyuranger is structured in smaller mostly self contained arcs so to properly recap the show’s story it’s best to do so on an arc by arc basis. These arcs are:

The Assembly Arc

The first segment of the show is an arc in which the incomplete team of rangers (Lucky, Hammie, Garu, Spada and Champ by the end of episode one) must locate and recruit the remaining rangers. This takes up the first 5 episodes and features Eriedrone as the ranger’s most recurring villain. For the most part this goes smoothly, however, Stinger briefly aligns with Jark Matter in his capacity as a spy which throws off the plans of the other rangers. The nine rangers are eventually united and Eriedrone is defeated, bringing us on to the next arc.

Kyuranger Seiza Blaster

The Assassin Arc

The second arc involves the rangers battling Ikagen and Madako, two assassins sent by Don Armage to kill the Kyurangers, who are now operating mainly on earth for budgetary reasons. They aim to to solve the mystery of Don Armage’s interest in the planet. Shou’s two ranger forms are debuted in this arc as well, the first being the imperfect Ryu Violet and the second being his permanent ranger form Ryu Commander. The quest to recover the three Kyutama needed to summon the Argo ship begins in this arc also and provides a more solid goal for the team beyond simply saving the universe. The arc ends with Ikagen’s death and runs from episode 6 to episode 12.

Kyuranger Ryu Voyager

The Scorpio Arc

The Third arc focuses on Stinger, his brother, Scorpio, and, to a lesser extent, Champ. The two rangers leave the Orion in order to operate more independently and to track down and apprehend Scorpio, who now works for Jark Matter. The Argo plot is continued in this arc with the Kyutama needed to summon it changing hands a few times. Kotaro leaves for training at Rebellion HQ and Champ is destroyed while defending Stinger. There is also a crossover episode with DekaRed and Gavan Type G in an alternate universe. The arc concludes with the climactic death of Scorpio and the return of Kotaro and Champ. The Argo is summoned and Ohtori Tsurugi (Houou Soldier) is revived. This arc covers episodes 13 to 21.

Kyuranger Kyutama Set SP

The Phoenix Arc

The following arc is much shorter and serves to affirm the new team dynamic, introduce more lore in the universe’s history and establish a new goal for the rangers to achieve. Tsurugi and the others clash initially but quickly come to respect each other and work together as a team. Tsurugi reveals that, in the past, he believed he had killed Don Armage which sets up the following arc’s driving force. Three new villains are also introduced to antagonize the rangers. They are the Vice Shoguns and are much higher ranked than previous villains thus showing their progress so far. This arc lasts between episodes 22 and 23.

The Time Travel / Hebitsukai Metal Arc

The current arc involves traveling back in time to discover the secret to Don Armage’s survival. However, the rangers must also deal with a now evil Naaga, who has joined forces with a Vice Shogun to gain the emotions he’s been trying to develop since his introduction. He also debuts a new evil ranger form, Hebitsukai Metal, making use of the Dark Seiza Blaster and Dark Kyutama. The team decide, therefore, to split in two; one half will travel to the past while the rest stay behind to rescue Naga. This arc began with episode 24 and is still running, at the time of writing, to the current episode, 28.

That’s it for now! Kyuranger is not over yet, thankfully, and the current arc has yet to conclude after introducing some incredibly interesting backstory and lore. Furthermore, the saga of the Kyurangers is far from over; they have already made some impressive progress and we can only hope they keep this up and have more exciting adventures in store for us down the line.

What do you think of the Kyuranger’s story so far? How would you like to see it develop? And what do you think Don Armage’s secret is? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger YUDO Figures Revealed

A number of weeks ago, we reported that a new range of articulated action figures were coming, based on Shishi Red from Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. Initially thought to be the return of Super Sentai S.H. Figuarts, it quickly emerged that these figures were in fact Shokugan (SG) Candy Toy releases, similar to the recently produced Kamen Rider Ex-Aid SODO figures.

Bandai Japan have now released more information about these figures. In this first wave, the figures for Shishi Red, Houou Soldier and Shishi Red Orion will be released. The figures stand at approximately 11cm/4in tall.

The Uchu Sentai Kyuranger YUDO Figures will be released in December 2017 and will be available at Toku Toy Store. Will you be picking them up?