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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Solbrain

Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain (特救指令ソルブレイン), or simply Solbrain, is exactly the kind of Metal Hero show I was expecting and I enjoyed the heck out of it. It’s the kind of show I expected Winspector to be but didn’t get but it still defied some of my expectations.

solbrain that guyWe kick off with a seeming alien invasion and the Special Rescue Command scrambling to combat the threat and assist civilians. There’s a real Gerry Anderson vibe going on and I really appreciate that. A familiar-looking commander dispatches his top agent, Daiki Nishio, to interrogate a professor who created the space station that is suddenly going mental above the city.

solbrain professorTurns out that Dr Inagaki has gone full mad scientist and is allowing his AI creation to run amok in the name of scientific progress, consequences be damned. He even tries to sacrifice his son to his new AI overlord and I can’t believe he doesn’t get arrested immediately afterwards. It baffles me that his realisation that maybe he was a bit wrong to create a murderous AI and want his son to have his brain scooped out is enough for the Solbrain team and he isn’t in cuffs.

solbrain teamThe Solbrain team is pretty cool. You’ve got Daiki (aka SolBraver), your typical hot-blooded hero, Reiko Higuchi (aka SolJeanne), the medic/support heroine, and then there’s Jun Masuda who, surprisingly, isn’t the pilot of the yellow construction suit. Why? He seems cool! Give him a suit!

The Solbrain team also has a Thunderbirds-esque vehicle called the Solid States piloted by a bunch of no-names and is essentially a giant fire engine that can fly. That’s brilliant and I immediately went looking for a toy version!

solbrain peaceAfter the day is saved, and Daiki takes off his helmet to reveal a sweat-drenched horror grin, is when I realised that the commander is the same guy from Winspector. I thought he looked familiar but didn’t want to say because “all Japanese toku commanders look alike” isn’t a great stance to have but blow me down, it was! This is a sequel to Winspector! The episode ends exactly the same way!

solbrain brain attackSolbrain is the better version of Winspector to me. It plays out in much the same way as Winspector’s first episode does but with better pacing, establishment of threat, and no comedy robots. Even the sole child actor serves a purpose!

It’s a fun first episode and I may continue on and see where it goes and I encourage you all to check it out for yourselves!

You can now find Solbrain, as well as many other tokusatsu shows, on the TOEI Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel to watch for free with English subtitles.

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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Robot 8-Chan

Robot 8-Chan (ロボットはっちゃん) is the very first of the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series and was aired between 1981 and 1982. It shows. I really need to stop randomly picking these shows because I feel I’ve been hoodwinked into reviewing too many of these bizarre anarchic Toei shows and the only person I can blame is Ishinomori for making all these utterly bizarre shows.

Robot 8-Chan takes place in a world where big comedy robots are the norm and there are those who wish to do harm or exploit them. 8-Chan is a “lost robot” with bizarre abilities and even more bizarre personality quirks. In the first episode, this draws the ire of the Disassembly Man, an government stooge who revels in taking robots apart.

8chan allyRescued by a kindly professor and some children, because it’s always children, 8-Chan is taken in by a family-run robot repair shop. Whilst on the job, three humans pretend to be robots (by way of shuckin’ and jivin’) and botnap Mairodi, a female singing assistant to the professor, because they want to mass-produce her.

8chan botnapped8-Chan chases them down and is about to go full singularity on their asses when the Disassembly Man intervenes. Losing his pursuer, 8-Chan confronts the botnappers but is defeated by green peppers. One of the children then kisses his hand and 8-Chan releases a gas and a sick beat to make the botnappers dance themselves into the harbour.

As you can tell, this show sounds like an Astro Boy story that developed into a fever dream on acid. I’ll fully admit that I struggle to understand these Fushigi shows because not only am I not the intended audience for them but my only real exposure to Japanese comedy is through Terrace House and Kamen Rider Zero-One and I’m pretty sure most of the laughs elicited are unintentional. I did get one sensible chuckle when the kids were revealed to not be driving a car to chase the botnappers but were being towed, instead.

It’s a curious show that should be viewed as such.

You can now find Robot 8-Chan, as well as many other tokusatsu shows, on the TOEI Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel to watch for free with English subtitles.

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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Kagestar

The Kagestar (ザ・カゲスター), or simply Kagestar, is a 1976 circus of bizarre ideas and the tropeiest of toku tropes and I actually kind of dig it for that. There’s some interesting stuff here but let me start with the costumes.

kagestar kage belle

Kagestar and Bellestar’s costumes are whack. Those big googley anime eyes? Whack. The Evel Knievel capes? Whack. The spirals? Whack! These suits are no good for any number of reasons but I think that Kagestar looking like Toku Deadpool is the most egregious. Yeah, Kagestar came first but no one remembers him! Look at him, he’s a dope!

kagestar hero

That said, the characters of Kageoh Sugata and Suzuko Kazamura look as fly as Japanese fashion in the 70s can allow and that’s pretty fly. They look like an awesome crime fighting duo and I like their chemistry, it’s just a shame their hero forms let them down.

kagestar doll

So the story is that Dr. Satan (I’ve been waiting for a Dr. Satan, you have no idea) and his Poundland Putties are scheming to kidnap the daughter of a major CEO and succeeds after Kageoh and Suzuko are finished performing shadow puppet theatre for children.

kagestar villains

Despite looking like Paul Bearer in a White Snake wig, Dr Satan simply wants money but is foiled when his hostages escape and fall onto an electrical substation nearby. This grants Kageoh and Suzuko the amazing power to fuse with their shadows and become Kagestar and Bellestar!

kagestar explain

Don’t question how! It’s cell division or something! But the idea of fusing with or controlling your shadow marks the second timely reference to Persona 5 I’ve made because that’s pretty bang on and, given the time frame, could have inspired the early SMT games? I dunno, it wouldn’t surprise me given some of the goofy shadow designs.

kagestar kage shadow

There’s eventually a second kidnapping and another transformation. The Stars beat Dr. Satan with their shadow powers and the series kicks off for our two new heroes; it’s all pretty standard but I really did enjoy it.

I don’t know if I’m giving it more slack because of it’s age but apart from the era-appropriate bad costumes, I think this is a solid origin and pilot. Hell, I may even give it my usual three episodes to dig it’s claws into me but I think the first episode is worth checking out at the very least.

You can now find Kagestar, as well as many other tokusatsu shows, on the TOEI Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel to watch for free with English subtitles.

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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Hard Gumi

Omoikkiri Tanteidan Hadogumi (おもいっきり探偵団 覇悪怒組), or simply Hard Gumi, is the 7th in the Toei Fushigi Comedy series, so a little earlier than my last review (PaiPai) and aired in the year of my birth. Somehow, this has the most coherent story of the shows I’ve reviewed so far and apart from one glaring factor, is my favourite because of it’s potential. It’s also inspired by The Fiend with Twenty Faces, an Edogawa Rampo character that was the inspiration for the theming of my favourite game of all time; Persona 5!

hardgumi sussThe show begins by showing a suspicious-looking man stalking five children and giving exposition on their character and motivations. Each kid has a unique personality quirk and are not very good at studying, except for the action girl Yasuko. Good start already because I actually know the character names and why I should give a damn.

The children notice this obvious pervert in a trench coat and chase him through the streets with a dog, no doubt with the intent to murder him and use him as an example to others. After a shiba savaging, the man runs off and the kids laugh with a passing monk on a moped.

hardgumi skillThe next day, the children are shocked to discover that same pervert is their new teacher! He goes full Dead Poets Society and engages the children and their interests, explaining how his snooping was part of his diligence as a teacher; to know them, their skills, and their dreams. It’s actually pretty cool and the actor portraying Toshihiko Ochiai is pretty good at balancing sincerity and comedy when addressing the children.

hardgumi whiteThe kids get up to some pranks, further showing their skills and sneaking a peek at a teacher’s panties. While Ochiai quietly agreed that he thought they’d be white too, he chewed them out for not thinking bigger in terms of their skills and that they should surprise him.

hardgumi movieWhich they do, with a home movie about a phantom thief the lead kid Hiroshi creates, much to the delight of their class and their teacher and, again, it’s cool to see them encouraged for their outside-the-box thinking.

hardgumi inexcusableWhat I don’t approve of is a full-on, wang out, ten-second shot of a small child pissing. That ain’t what I signed up for and I wish I could bleach my brain clean of it’s memory. It wasn’t funny, it was gross.

hardgumi phantomAfter being chewed out for that exact thing, the kids return to Hiroshi’s house to find his keyboard missing and a man with the same phantom renegade appearance as his character taunting him with it. Hiroshi’s phantom thief has come to life and stolen his most precious belonging and will only get it back if he accepts Matenro’s challenge. A fantastic cliffhanger to the first episode and shows why the kids form their own detective gang to solve Matenro’s mysteries. I mean, it’s definitely the teacher, right? Has to be.

Out of all the shows so far, I like this one the most and would definitely recommend it. The OP sucks though so best to skip over that.

You can now find Hard Gumi, as well as many other tokusatsu shows, on the TOEI Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel to watch for free with English subtitles.

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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Magical Girl Chukana PaiPai

Mahou Shoujo Chuuka na PaiPai! (魔法少女ちゅうかなぱいぱい!), or simply Magical Girl Chukana PaiPai, is the 9th instalment of a toku comedy series called Toei Fushigi Comedy. It was released in 1989 and it’s very much rooted in Japanese sensibilities and archetypes of comedy. Translation: I didn’t find it funny. I chuckled at the absurdity of certain things but I’m pretty sure that was not the desired effect.

paipai bride

The titular PaiPai, played by prolific AV star Natsuki Ozawa, is a runaway bride from the Chinese Demon World and her husband-to-be King Gomoku. Her acting isn’t the greatest but, then again, that may be the material she’s working with.

paipai goons

She is pursued by two of the most incompetent goons I’ve ever seen, but are notable due to one of them being played by Hidezaku Nagae aka Greatest Carpenter Oyazaku in Kamen Rider Zero-One! They’re proper bumbling jobbers in the same vein as Horace and Jasper from 101 Dalmatians or Fester, Hammer, and Marcus from 3 Ninjas.

paipai 3 ninjas

Speaking of 3 Ninjas, just look at Rocky, Colt, and Tum-Tum, here. These three scamps are sons of an Indiana Jones-esque adventurer who is abandoning them to their old hag aunt unless they can find a stand-in mom themselves. Enter PaiPai, who has no investment in their safety and immediately abandons them to their aunt.

paipai aunt

PaiPai later uses them as bait for the goons to chase and, frankly, she’s just not a good person so maybe King Gomoku had a lucky escape. She transforms in front of the old hag aunt and almost kills the goons. She’s stupidly powerful and would have probably killed the goons if she wasn’t trying to live in the human world rent-free.

paipai fight

This is a pretty nuts show that’s not very good and I’m definitely not the demographic for it but maybe this will appeal to someone out there so check out it.

You can now find Magical Girl Chuknana PaiPai, as well as many other tokusatsu shows, on the Toei Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel to watch for free with English subtitles.

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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Winspector

Another oddity from toku past, Tokkei Winspector (特警ウインスペクター), or simply Winspector, is one of those toku shows that everyone and their dog has said to me to watch at some point and I’ll admit I was interested because the Winspector designs were pretty solid. After one episode, I don’t think I’m going be continuing.

Winspector doesn’t waste any time with set-up and kicks off in media res with a rampaging truck and a kidnapped baby and continues on in a “day-in-the-life” style like this is Dredd or something. There’s little-to-no establishment of the Winspector team or what their modus operandi is, just bang – straight into a plot, try to keep up.

winspector that kid

They appear to be a special branch of the police department like Special Investigation Unit in Kamen Rider Drive except these guys appear to be running a crèche as a side hussle.

winspector terminator

The kidnapping is a revenge plot by a scientist who is petty as heck but he knows how to make a non-copyright infringing Terminator, I’ll give him that. Because of the threat, the Winspectors are deployed in a two-pronged attack; the robots Walter and Bikel will intercept the terminator while resident special agent Junko Fujino will apprehend the mad scientist responsible.

winspector tragic

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to the most generic leading man ever, Ryouma “Fire” Kagawa. He’s got a well-meaning sister, a sweet car, fingerless gloves, and he’s not a robot.

winspector bikel

This is what threw me for a loop when initially watching this pilot because I thought all the Winspectors were henshin heroes but only Ryouma is, Walter and Bikel acting more akin to the comedic Buddyroids/Beast Bots. Their antics were funny but their movement quirks weren’t endearing to me.

There’s not so much a traditional fight in this episode as there is a team working together to stop the runaway truck and that’s not a bad story overall. The set pieces are great with sneaky bits of model work for moments they couldn’t really get away with during the live action segments so that’s a great positive.

But my overall takeaway is that this show feels very out of time. The effects are bang on for the 1990s but the plot and acting comes across a little more dated, especially the inclusion of the child character. I thought they’d have gotten over that trope by the 90s but I guess not.

winspector fire

Winspector has a solid enough pilot that can be enjoyed if you don’t mind the foibles that bugged me about it.

You can now find Winspector, as well as many other tokusatsu shows, on the TOEI Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel to watch for free with English subtitles.

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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Special Rescue Exceedraft

Exceedraft is action-packed right from the start, and is much darker than I initially expected for a series with hero suits that look as relatively goofy as these ones do. As the third part of Toei’s Rescue Police trilogy, it’s clear this series had a bigger budget than even some of its contemporaries of the time, Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and the film Shin Kamen Rider. The stunt work is great, and action scenes are well choreographed. Unlike a lot of tokusatsu shows aimed at younger audiences, Exceedraft does not shy away from more realistic depictions of violence, including having its human villains use real guns and regularly do things that would cause widespread harm or even death. The stunt work is like something out of an 80s action movie, and in a few moments even includes the kind of cheesy sight gags that wouldn’t be out of place in Beverly Hills Cop or 21 Jump Street.
The setup of the first episode involves a terrorist attack in which a bus full of kindergartners is hijacked by a group who stole a force field device in the episode’s opening. As the heroes chase the bus down, action movie cliches abound and the slow chase plays out a bit like the movie Speed, albeit with more overpasses and gas stations getting blown up. There’s not much thought given to establishing the characters or team, as this is meant to be the third season of a franchise and the characters would have already been familiar to audiences at the time.

exceedraft screenshot
One change I found I enjoyed, without expecting to, was the transformation sequence being very different from most other toku. By this, I mean there really isn’t one. The team, made up of Redder, Blues, and Yellow, utilize power armour of the Iron Man variety, which they carry in boxes in their field vehicle and have to manually equip like clothing. Their weapons, likewise, can’t be teleported to them and are either mounted on their truck directly, or carried in storage containers on it.

exceedraft screenshot 2
Throughout this first pair of episodes, there’s a real commitment to practical effects whenever possible. Scenes involving a lot of water end up spraying it directly on the camera, stunt crew and vehicles appear to be interacting with real fire when it’s called for and the hero actors even make appearances in their suits, helmets off and faces fully visible. The armour itself looks a little cheap in these close-up shots, but in motion looks fine. The budget clearly went to setting up the action pieces across these first two episodes. In fact, the only special effects piece that noticeably looks far worse than the rest is the Special Rescue squad’s GPS satellite, which appears to be a cheap replica of the Justice League’s Watchtower satellite, ripped straight from the pages of DC Comics into a slightly sub-par mould and thrown against a black background.

exceedraft screenshot 3
Overall, Exceedraft was a really nice surprise. I got a lot more than I was expecting out of it, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series being uploaded to Toei’s YouTube channel in the months to come. Like any other Showa-era tokusatsu series, it has its flaws, poor effects and hammy acting, but the whole package comes together to create something really unique that fans of early Kamen Rider or Metal Heroes will enjoy.

The first two episodes of Exceedraft are available now from Toei Tokusatsu World Official on YouTube.

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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Poitrine

Unlike the Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Metal Heroes franchises, the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series are mostly unknown to your average Western tokusatsu fan. Like it’s more well-known brothers, these Shotaro Ishinomori-created series also included costumed superheroes – but with a bigger focus on laughs rather than action. La Belle Fille Masquée Poitrine (美少女仮面ポワトリン) also known as “The Masked Belle Poitrine” or simply Poitrine was the 11th entry in the series, running for 51 episodes in 1990. Kamen Rider fans might recognise the character from her guest appearance in Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum, where she appeared as the Underworld version of doughnut shop shop owner Yu Kamimura.

When visiting a nearby shrine to pray for the new school year, Yuko Murakami accidentally breaks the shrine’s bell which lands on an old man’s head. Impressed by Yuko’s strength, the man introduces himself as a god and reveals he’s been keeping the town safe and peaceful. However the poor god has been struck with a bout of stomach inflammation, so he’s swanning off to Italy for a cure and is need of a replacement. He bestows Yuko with magical powers and some fancy new toys, encouraging her to spread kindness and elegance like the mythical goddess Poitrine before heading off in his fancy sports car. His only condition – don’t tell anyone the secret of her powers, or else be turned into a frog!  

If you haven’t raised an eyebrow at all of this yet brace yourself as it only gets weirder from here, as we see Yuko’s brother Takuto face off against the mysterious Video Game Thief – a villain who’s swiping the town’s games whilst electrocuting them with a gadget that looks like it jumped straight out of Ghostbusters. The best part of all this that the Video Game Thief isn’t a monster in the traditional tokusatsu sense either – it’s just a man in a shifty costume and rubber mask! 

The whole set up gives Poitrine this surreal Scooby Doo-esque vibe that’s extremely fun, and Toei don’t waste any opportunity to reference/poke fun of some of the other franchises under their control (Takuto’s new game is “Dragon Bald 3”, cleverly featuring a picture of Dragon Ball’s Krillin on the cover). The show knows just how ridiculous it is but it plays it all with a straight face, acting like the Video Game Thief genuinely is the worst person ever. His scheme is so silly that the episode doesn’t even make an effort to explain it out loud – it’s left to the audience to draw that conclusion with some flashback footage, and then the cast to denounce just how horrible the dastardly fiend is. That said, Takuto immediately halting the Thief’s attack to call his dad at work and confirm it isn’t him (as his friends suggest earlier in the episode) is an absolutely fantastic piece of comic timing.

Knowing that it’s just a normal guy under that mask (no spoilers here, but they are someone the audience has been introduced to prior to unmasking) makes it all the funnier that he’s facing off against a magical girl with actual powers. I’m not sure whether an ordinary person getting wailed on by a superhero was part of the joke, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. His weapon is enough to almost give him the edge, but Poitrine manages to take him out in a move that can only be described as complete overkill. While Takuto’s fawning over this beautiful new heroine (completely unaware it’s his sister), the Thief is laying there probably in serious need of medical attention. It’s a wild ride from start to finish.

Poitrine’s is something that’s been on my radar since first watching Movie Wars Ultimatum, and this first episode proved to be exactly the kind of dumb fun I was hoping for. With the promise of a no-nonsense cop who wants to arrest Poitrine AND the addition of a flying car, this premiere looks to just be the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking for a healthy dose of live-action magical girl action and enjoy the sillier side of tokusatsu, then this is the show for you.

You can now find Poitrine, as well as many other tokusatsu shows, on the TOEI Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel to watch for free with English subtitles.

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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Space Sheriff Gavan

Gavan is a hard show to watch in 2020. This piece of Showa-era Tokusatsu, the first of the original Metal Heroes, did not age well when compared to even the more modern incarnations of its lead hero. The Gavan of 1982, at least in its first episode, employs a lot of jarring edits, cuts, and shakycam to achieve effects such as a spaceship being hit by laser fire, or reactions from characters to actions done by others. Steady shots rarely last for more than a second outside of the initial fight scene midway through episode 1, and for me, at least, had a dizzying effect that meant I was pausing the episode or looking away from the screen often.

For all its flaws in cinematography, though, the plot setup of Gavan is easy enough to follow, even for newcomers. Gavan is a space sheriff (Toei’s Youtube channel refers to him as a space cop, though the Japanese word keiji can be translated either way) from the planet Bird, at the far edge of the Milky Way, who is assigned to track down an organisation on Earth called Makuu. Makuu are loosely described as a “space crime organisation” early on, but are framed as your standard tokusatsu villain organization, complete with villain names like “Hunter Killer” among others to really drive the point home. To give it a Western allegory, the Space Sheriffs in this context are most akin to the Green Lantern corps, of DC Entertainment fame. The key difference is in the tools though. In just the first episode, Gavan is shown to use power armour with bionic enhancements for vision, strength, and even Ultraman-esque laser attacks. In the midst of the battle, Gavan also displays his signature weapon, a lightsaber, and his mecha, a dragon that reveals itself out of the contents of his ship.

On Earth, Gavan uses the name Retsu Ichijoji and spends his civilian time working at a stable, meeting with children and working closely with horses he is frequently seen riding in the end credits sequence of each episode. Gavan’s partner, Mimi, is a shapeshifter with a skill set of her own, largely based on illusions that allow her to turn into a bird among other things. Gavan’s battles, though shot with Toei’s trademark shoestring budget and focus on pyrotechnics, are meant to be cosmic in scale even as early as the first episode. Dimensional barriers are crossing, the rings of planets are used as staging grounds, and more.

It’s been 38 years since Gavan debuted in 1982, and in a lot of ways, it shows. Gavan oozes Showa-era toku cheese, sometimes to its detriment but only in certain fast-paced sequences to the point where new viewers would actively be turned away. The second episode is a vast improvement over the first, as the creators clearly attempt to find a voice and identity to set them apart from their contemporaries at Toei, with two Super Sentai series the same year (Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan ending and Dai Sentai Goggle-V beginning). Kamen Rider and Ultraman were not running at this time, and on the anime side of things, Mobile Suit Gundam was re-releasing its original 43-episode series as a trilogy of films, so Gavan only had its brothers at Toei to compare to. Both Super Sentai and Metal Heroes evolved with time into what we know now, though Metal Heroes are now relegated to cameos in Super Sentai shows or standalone films.
Overall, Gavan is worth a watch to see the history of the genre, if you can get past the jarring cuts and edits.

The first two episodes of Gavan are currently available to watch via Toei’s official tokusatsu YouTube channel.

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Toei Tokusatsu World Reviews: Bicrosser

There’s a reason I tend not to stray far from the safe bastions of Heisei-era Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, and Kyodai Ken Byclosser (兄弟拳バイクロッサー), or simply Bicrosser, is a prime example of why. This first episode is pure nonsense and not in the fun way. In the way where you have to wonder if this was meant to be parody but was created with the utmost sincerity.

bicrosser bros

Here’s the breakdown; Ken and Ginjiro Mizuno, brothers in university and high school, respectively, are at home being massive dorks about motorcycle model painting and mid-80’s PC gaming when a mysterious light enters their room and disappears into the mountains. They give chase and are attacked by the Blackmen of Dester, who were there to excavate the stone idol of Devil Gola.

After a brief motorcycle chase, they’re thrown off a cliff and into the Bicrosser, a ship created from the light they saw earlier. The mysterious entities responsible, who are never named, are from the Pegasus galaxy and they came to Earth looking for two brothers born on specific days according to their prophecy. They are given the power of the Bicrosser to avert disasters that will come.

bicrosser doctor q

Meanwhile the Dester organisation, led by the jewel-obsessed Doctor Q, wants his minions to make children cry so the idol of Devil Gola will produce more diamonds and that will help him conquer the Earth… Somehow.

Then the good doctor unleashes a robot monster to menace some poor handywoman. The brothers hear her scream via telepathy, transform and attack the monster. They barely hold their own but pull-out their ultimate weapon, the Blazer Cannon, and destroy the monster. The day is saved, laughs are had, the episode ends and I’m sat here questioning my life choices.

This first episode is a rushed mess and yet doesn’t seem to have the time to explain anything so you’re kind of thrown into this inexplicable situation with little-to-no context and with no real grasp on any of the characters. The brothers are fine but they barely get any characterisation and their actors being a good ten years older than their characters was really distracting to me.

bicrosser suits

The Bicrosser suits are plain and generic and between those and the design aesthetic of the vehicles, I thought I was watching a lost Space Sheriff/VR Troopers pilot.

Why are the brothers important? Why is Doctor Q a mad scientist after a demonic idol when all he really wants are jewels? Why does this show look so cheap but had so much money put into it’s model work? Answers weren’t very forthcoming and I couldn’t find a shred of information about this show apart from it’s bare bones wiki entries.

I can’t even say I disliked it, I was just confused by how and why it was allowed to exist. It’s not surprising that the Bicrossers aren’t really remembered when you think of the great Metal Heroes of yesteryear but that makes me even more curious as to the background of this show.

blazer cannon

Bicrosser is an odd show that baffles me and I recommend seeing it purely for the novelty of a henshin hero wielding a motorcycle as a cannon because I think THAT was the original idea Ishinomori had and then built a story, such as it is, around it.

You can now find Bicrosser, as well as many other tokusatsu shows, on the TOEI Tokusatsu World Official YouTube channel to watch for free with English subtitles.