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Kamen Rider Build: Episode 6 Review

After the events of episode 5, we get to see the kinda odd reasoning behind why Banjou turned Sento’s friend Tetsuya back into a SMASH after Sento saved him using NinninComic. We also get an explanation behind what the gas is that Faust is using to turn humans into SMASH as well as a little more of an explanation behind Blood Stark’s actions. We unfortunately don’t get to see a new Best Match this week, unless you count the preview for the next episode, but we do get to see a new Trial Form when Sento decides to match up the Ninja and Tank Full Bottles, which was a little interesting. We also find out what happens when someone other than Sento tries to use the Build Driver when we see Banjou attempt to use it.

This week’s episode begins with Banjou following the SMASH he reverted to the Skywall where he’s attacked by some Government Guardians and Officers. He is almost arrested but Build in NinninComic form intervenes and saves him. We then see them back at their base as they start arguing and fighting each other which leads to Banjou trying to use the Build Driver and Sento explaining that it isn’t one size fits all. We also see Sento notice that the Dragon Full Bottle has changed since Banjou has had it.

After that, we see Night Rogue and Blood Stark talking about Blood Stark raising Build’s Hazard Level as well as Owner explaining to Banjou why Sento feels the need to try to save everyone from Faust. We also see Sento doing research on the Skywall when Gentoku Himuro explains to him that it emits a gas from underground that’s made up of minerals not found on Earth.

We also see Misora and Sawa chatting about relationships when Sento walks in and declares his love of openings. He then tells Banjou about the opening and they plan to attack Faust HQ, which is hidden under the Skywall. We then see Gentoku talking to someone on the phone about showing Sento the data on the Sky Wall. With Sento and Banjou at the entrance that Sento found and while they are talking, Sento gives Banjou a new invention he came up with in the form of a mini Dragon he made for Banjou. They then proceed to sneak past patrols as they break into Faust HQ under the Skywall.

Once they’ve made it past the patrols into Faust HQ, we see some scientists in hazmat suits experimenting on someone. They start to run away, scared by the sight of Banjou and Build. We then see Sento having some flashbacks while Banjou interrogates one of the scientists about who framed him. Blood Stark appears and attacks the fleeing test subject. We then discover that Sento and Banjou are unique in that they were dosed with enough Nebula Gas to turn then into SMASH but neither of them changed. Banjou is then poisoned by Blood Stark but his new toy Dragon saves him and spits out the poison. Meanwhile, Sento loses his temper and attacks Blood Stark. As Blood Stark leaves, Banjou calms Sento down by reminding him what Banjou asked was most important to him.

We then see Sento and Banjou save Tatsuya by turning him back then they narrowly escape the Faust facility before it explodes. As the episode reaches it’s end, Tatsuya explains to the pair that he delivered Sento to a new part-time job making medicine at Katsuragi Takumi’s place who’s murder is blamed on Banjou. It’s revealed that Sento was there a full hour ahead of Banjou and could’ve seen who killed Katsuragi Takumi or that Sento could’ve been the one who killed him.

So all in all, it was quite a nice and informative episode where we learnt a little more about Sento’s past as well as finding out that Faust has multiple facilities hidden under the Skywall. We also find out what they are using to create SMASH. In my opinion, it was a good episode as it filled in more blanks as well as progressed the story a bit more. I’m excited to see what happens in regards to Sento and his memories as well as the dynamic between Sento and Banjou.

So that’s it for this week’s Kamen Rider Build review. Do you think Banjou’s Dragon may be a hint as to what’s to come? What’s your opinion on the Katsuragi murder and who’s guilty or innocent? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Kamen Rider Build: Episode 4 Review

Build has certainly made an impression in the tokusatsu world so let’s take a look at the latest episode. The episode opens with a quick recap of the first 3 episode as told by Sento and Ryuuga. After the recap, the episode opens with Sento remembering some more about his time being experimented on by Faust but this time he sees the Pandora Box.

Suddenly, he is woken up by Soichi who informs our hero that he found him almost dying in the warehouse and that it was almost too late to save him. How did Soichi know where to find Sento and why didn’t he run into Blood Stark? After Misora makes a new Full Bottle, Sento asks her to once again employ her internet followers in finding any information on the Skywall incident. Let’s she what her fanbase brings forward…

After the opening song and credits, we are shown a little more of Faust. Nabeshima is turned into a new SMASH monster and attacks Night Rogue, who easily stops the new monster in its tracks and explains more about the mysterious group’s full intentions: making the most powerful lifeforms.

Elsewhere, Sento asks Gentoku about what really happened during the ceremony that started off the Skywall incident. Gentoku reluctantly admits that two panels from the Pandora Box have been stolen but doesn’t want the public to know about it. Meanwhile, Ryuuga and Sawa have made it to Seito in an effort to save Nabeshima’s family. After locating Nabeshima’s wife and daughter, they try to smuggle them back to Touto via the boat they arrived on. All of a sudden, they are attack by a self-destructing Faust Guardians and almost blown up before making it onto the boat.

Back in Touto, Sento questions Soichi, but only gets the most vague of answers. What is Soichi hiding from our hero? Misora arrives to tell Sento a Smash has appeared but the tip they receive is very weird, it talks about experiments and essences; what could all this mean?

Sento quickly dispatches to the scene and confronts the box based SMASH, transforming into Build. He seems to be winning until Blood Stark shoots the SMASH with some kind of steam attack that makes SMASH grow. According to Stark, this is a new gas treatment and even of the subject survives, they will encounter side effects. Just as the SMASH is about the finish Build off, Ryuuga appears and throws the Drill Crusher to intervene. Build attacks the SMASH as HawkGatling and uses his final attack. Upon clearing the SMASH, our team find out that is is in fact Nabeshima, so they bring him to the hideout to try and get some answers.

After asking Nabeshima some questions, it become apparent that he is suffering from amnesia and doesn’t remember anything, not even his own family. Sento quickly steps in and calms the everyone down by telling Nabeshima and his family to focus on making new memories together, rather than dwelling on the lost ones. As everything is calming down, Nabeshima sees the Full Bottles on the wall and comments that Faust has some bottles just like these. Why would Faust have Full Bottles?

We cut to the Faust HQ where we see Night Rogue turning over a Pandora Box plate and placing a Full Bottle onto it.Rogue questions Stark about why he didn’t kill Build but all Stark can say is everything is going to plan. Back in Build’s basement, Sento begins to put it all together and, despite Soichi’s objection, hammers away at the wall panel he uses to find Best Matches to discover that it is a Pandora Box plate. Why is a Pandora Box panel here and who is Soichi really working for?

Personally, I feel this episode brought a lot of questions to the table but I really find myself drawn into the the story. I can’t wait to see all the answers come together and to see how this effects all the characters in question.

What were your thoughts on episode 4? Who is your favourite character so far? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Kamen Rider Build: Episode 3 Review

This week’s episode of Kamen Rider Build was good. I’d say very good. However, it wasn’t great. The episode is a very expository episode, emphasising the building of the world and giving it a bit more depth in this episode, while somewhat continuing on the story of Banjou Ryuuga and him being framed.

The episode itself starts off almost immediately after 2, with the members of the Café going over the framing of Banjou in quite comedic fashion. They went over all of the convoluted links that all lead to him, ultimately, being framed for murder, complete with chibi drawings, goofy writing and exaggerated speech when presenting it. Not only was it fun to watch but it actually did help to state clearly Banjou’s situation and how they intended to approach it. When they came to begin the investigation, we see one of the Café group, Misora, use a different one of her talents. While in the previous episodes we learned of her mysterious power to purify the Full Bottles, she also has a talent for being an internet idol! To aid Sento and Ryuuga in gaining information on the guard, Nabeshima, she takes to the internet, where she reveals that she is quite the popular net star, going by the name of Mii-tan. There, she asks her fans to get the information for her, all while acting like a very typical Japanese idol would. This little vignette was very well done, and not only added to Misora’s character but provided some great comedy by showing the duality of her sluggish, easily irritable offline personality, and her hyperactive, bubbly online persona. However, I could see the act getting stale as the show goes on, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

As the group is waiting for the information to come in, Sento learns of a Smash attacking a young man, and goes with the reporter, Sawa, to stop it. Build begins the fight in his GorillaSoujiki form, which was quite entertaining, and good to see more of the Soujiki (Vacuum) power. It’s a power that I personally quite like. After a brief and unexciting battle, with Build fighting and Sawa very much acting like an annoying sports commentator, Build finishes off the Smash by going into his classic GorillaMond form and ending it with the finisher. The Smash was actually the little boy’s mother and the two are reunited happily. Build rides off with his new essence as on-lookers comment on whether or not Build had actually kidnapped the boy and his mother, building him up further as an outlaw and not a true hero in this divided world.

When he returns to his lab at the Café, a few things of note happen. First, we learn a bit more about the Full Bottles and how not every bottle is a best match. We also see this patch on the wall, where Souichi says that when you put two bottles into it, it’ll glow and let the person know if it’s a best match. What was noticeable, was that the slots on the wall appeared to be made of the same material as the Sky Wall and the Pandora’s Box itself. Perhaps this Café, and Sento himself are more connected to the Pandora’s Box than they seem. We also learn from Banjou, comedically, that to create a best match, it must be one part animal, the other part machine/inorganic material, as we’ve so far seen with Build’s other forms. In showing this, the new form of the episode is hinted at when Banjou inserted the Hawk Full Bottle and the Gatling Full Bottle. Then, with this new Best Match, the group heads to what appear to be some docks to continue the investigation on Nabeshima.

The group plan to save Nabeshima’s family in Sento, as his family is being threatened by the mysterious Night Rogue. When Banjou (disguised as an elderly person) and Sawa get to the docks, they are attacked by the Touto androids and a fight breaks out. It’s interesting to note that during the fight, Banjou was gripping the Dragon Full Bottle in his hand and when he punched, the punch was stronger, and we saw a burst of energy, identical in colour to the Full Bottle itself. Perhaps this will play further into the story.

Then, Sento arrives, defeating the androids and telling the two to get to the boat, as he goes to fight a Smash that shows up. Banjou and Sawa run, and Build fights the Smash in the highlight of the episode, where he premiers the HawkGatling combination. While the fight itself wasn’t particularly exciting, it was very enjoyable to see this new form. I like the theme, a hawk and a gatling gun reminded me of a fighter jet, which may have been the intention. But, of course the Smash was beaten and, as Sento absorbs the Smash’s essence, it reveals that the Smash was actually Nabeshima. Very suddenly, a strange, purple Cobra-esque monster attacks Sento, stabbing him. It slithers away as the episode ends, leaving us to question what will come of the Kamen Rider.

Overall, the episode was okay. It did a good job of building the world, but that’s about all it did well. We met the three Prime Ministers of the three sections of the country, but even then I wasn’t too thrilled. It seemed very cookie cutter, in that one wanted peace while the other two were selfish, with one seemingly being obviously evil. We also learned the name of the mysterious company that was experimenting on Banjou and Sento: Faust. For those who don’t know, the company appears to obviously be named after the German legend of a young man who sold his soul for all of the world’s knowledge and pleasures. This didn’t really blow my mind, but did fit the demonic appearance of Night Rogue and his apparent role as an evil scientist. Perhaps he sold his soul to some higher force? To Pandora’s Box maybe? The real intrigue for me was in the panel on the wall of the lab that resembled Pandora’s box, and the implications therein. While I enjoyed the episode, and Build is still early in its life as a series, I’d only really rate the episode a 6 out of 10. It had its enjoyable moments, with two fight scenes that weren’t particularly stand out, yet it certainly wasn’t bad. Here’s to hoping that as the series goes on, and we get more answers and excitement, episodes won’t be as stale.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think of Build as a series so far? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter!

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Kamen Rider Build Episode 1 Review

This week marked the start of Kamen Rider Build in Japan so I thought I would share my thoughts and views on the first episode. After the emotional roller coaster of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid over the past year, Build definitely had a tough act to follow and, during the lead up to the first episode, we all started to get a feel for our new rider through magazine scans and follow up information, which got the community more excited.

As soon as September 3rd arrived, we all awaited the subtitled versions to become available so we could get a proper feel for our new hero. The wait is now over and now, after watching the debut of Sento and his marvellous transformation, I would like to give a run down of all my thoughts.

The episode in general felt fresh and crisp; the layout and introduction of all the characters was very well executed, even though it feels like they are forcing our thoughts on who certain characters will be in the long run. The use of CGI is starting to be ever more present in Kamen Rider but I feel it adds more detail. For example, Build’s final attack looked amazing with the math equations surrounding the enemy.

There was an obvious nod to classic Showa era Kamen Rider, with humans are being experimented on. Turning them into monsters is a beautiful touch and something I look forward to seeing more of as the series progresses. The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was Sento’s amnesia; I understand why it’s being used but I feel that a genius scientist who built a transformation device, a phone that turns into a bike and a system to make use the Full Bottles would be able to make something to restore his memory.

The way the driver worked is simple yet effective and the way his suit forms around him reminds me of Gunpla model sets, which is a very nice touch in my personal opinion. Currently, we have only seen one weapon in use and even though I find the Drill Crusher kind of cool, I find the gun mode a bit of an afterthought. I’m all for weapons with multiple uses but I feel Kamen Rider as a whole needs to stop doing weapons in such a manner.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series and the directions it will take. The first bat-based villain looks amazing and I can’t wait to see what they will do with him.

Comment below with how you found first episode and let me know what you think will happen in the series.