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Kamen Rider Zi-O Revealed

In a surprising leak, Kamen Rider Zi-O (Zeo? Geo?) has been revealed for 2018-2019. The name appears to come from a credible source, pictured below, and thus begins the rumours and leaks for another year. It seems it was right around this time last year, during the initial run of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, that we got the first rumours and the leaked name of Kamen Rider Build. If true, this would line up with the earlier rumoured leak of the world- traveling hero, Kamen Rider Geo.


So far, no information has been revealed about the plot, cast, production team, or gimmick items, but stay tuned for more details and speculation as we ramp up to the premiere of Kamen Rider Zi-O following the conclusion of Build later this summer.

What do you think this rider’s theme will be? Let us know!

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Ultraman R/B Title and Release Date Confirmed

Ultraman 2018 now has a name and a release date! Via the latest image from Tsuburaya shown below, the title has been confirmed as Ultraman R/B (pronounced Rubu, read as Rube) and will feature two protagonists, now officially dubbed Ultraman Rosso (red) and Ultraman Blu (blue). The primary series antagonist, as revealed earlier, will be Ultraman Orb Dark.

All three use an Orb gimmick to obtain their power, with Rosso drawing from Ultraman Taro and Blu from Ultraman Ginga, respectively. Ultraman Orb Dark, as his name implies, will be a re-imagining of the classic hero.


This announcement comes after a busy week for Tsuburaya, with magazine scans and information about the new series coming in plentiful bursts earlier in the week to reveal the changers, gimmick items, and Ultraman Orb Dark’s existence. There is still much speculation about the plot of the show, and how it ties to existing Ultraman canon. Will Geed make a return appearance? Will the two new characters have a mentor in the form of some older Ultraman veteran? Only time will tell, but look for Ultraman Rube to premiere in Japan on July 7th, 2018. The global release will follow shortly after.

What are your thoughts on the new show? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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New Images Show Potential New Kamen Rider

Do these new images show off a new Rider, or is it just a well-made prank?

Since it’s April Fools Day scans and rumours have been popping up recently, 99% of these are almost certainly fake. However, these images have really stood out among the rest and probably has the highest chances of actually being real. Supposedly, this is concept art from the new season of Kamen Rider to be aired late this year. While it is still best to take these images with a grain of salt, they’re still really well made and worth talking about.


The first image shows a nameless new Rider with a handful of its forms, one of them being a base form and the others being combinations of three previous riders suggesting that this is an anniversary season. Similar to OOO, the three riders that make up the form are all set to a certain body part, either the head, torso or legs. The first of these new forms is a mix of Stronger, Kabuto & Blade, the second being a mix of Shin, Gills & Amazon, and the last one being a mix of Mach, Accel & Lazer. What’s interesting is that the riders that make up the forms all have a common motif. The riders that make up the first form are all based on the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle, the Riders that make up the second form are all mutant-type Riders, the Riders that make up the last form are all Secondary Riders based on motorbikes. This means that other forms will likely also consist of riders with a common theme. With this in mind, it’s going to be fun to speculate what new forms could be made out of what riders. Personally, I would like to see a form made up of Riders that started off evil and eventually redeemed themselves (Zangetsu, Genm & Chaser), all female Riders (Poppy, Marika & Necrom P) and Riders that are controlled by two people (W, Den-O & Drive).

Above the Forms is Eyecon like devices that are supposedly this season’s gimmick, three of the devices represent the new Rider’s base forms while the other eighteen represent the other Riders. Unlike the OOO medals, the devices don’t seem to have any indication of what body part they are used on, possibly meaning that they could be used in any order. Along with the previously mentioned forms, there are also forms representing Knight, Baron & Brave (Knight themed Secondary Riders), Beast, Kaixa & Ixa (All Secondary Riders) and G3, Drake & DiEnd. Because the Secondary Rider forms seem to be connected to the main rider, it could suggest that this season will only have 1 rider.


The next image shows two other forms or possibly two other new riders, the first of which is next to a silhouette of what appears to be an upgraded version of the form. The other seems to be a form based on Kamen Rider Decade, if these are new riders than this could actually be a new form of Decade. Since the devices in the first page seem to be connected to one of the three forms, some of the Past Rider forms could be exclusive to one of the other Riders/Forms. If these were new riders, then the movie exclusive rider would likely use forms based on other movie exclusives (Bujin Gaim,
Dark Drive & Dark Ghost, Idunn, Mars & Kamuro or New Den-O, Nega Den-O & G Den-O).


The final image shows brand new forms for different riders, supporting the idea that the Decade themed rider might be Decade himself. The new rider forms are Kamen Rider Cyclone, A new OOO combo with an insect theme, Fourze Launcher States and Zangetsu Jinba Melon Arms. Since this is likely an anniversary season, Riders from Wizard and Drive-Build would also likely get new forms. I would personally like to see Necrom get his own equivalent of the Mugen Damashii or a Super Dead-heat Mach.

So, Is it a fake? Because of the time of year, It probably is. The Background seems a bit plain for a catalogue and some pages have information missing (Price and/or release date etc.) and it’s also quite strange that some images don’t even show the full page. However, it’s art style is really similar to other art shown in real catalogues so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being real. We’ll probably have to wait until the summer to get proper confirmation but this could be a look into what the final Heisei Rider Season could be like.

Do you think this is real? What forms would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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Why Wasn’t Ressha Sentai ToQger Adapted?

Does Saban’s Surprising Announcement Mean New Hope For ToQger?

Not long ago, I made an article talking about why Go-Busters didn’t get adapted. I went through some of the possible reasons about why it was ignored, ending with what it would most likely be like if it wasn’t. That article is now somewhat dated since it was recently announced that the 2019 (And possibly 2020) series of Power Rangers will be based on Go-Busters. Now that we know that Saban isn’t opposed to adapting older seasons, let’s look at why ToQger was initially ignored and what the chances are of an adaptation in the future.

The obvious main explanation for the skip was because of the theme, trains. I’m not going to deny that trains are popular in the west and that Power Rangers is aimed at a similar demographic to those who may be interested in trains (Boys aged 5-11). While this may seem like an obvious choice for an adaptation, not every kid into Power Rangers is necessarily also interested in trains. A while ago, I was talking to someone around this age range about ToQger and he thought it was an unusual concept. The train theme would probably make filming a pain too. It would be harder to film tracks and stations without constantly re-using footage because of the differences between the Japanese rail network and the Kiwi rail network. For example; New Zealand has just over 100 train stations and 1km of track for every 65km2 of land while Japan has 8500+ stations and 1km of track for every 14km2 of land. There’s always the possibility that they could limit the train theme to just the Zords and suits and not revolve the story around them to make filming easier, it worked for Super Megaforce and Mighty Morphin’ Season 1 (To a lesser extent).

Before we knew it was being adapted, both Saban and Bandai had previously mentioned that they wanted to do something with Go-Busters in the future. However, they have not said anything about ToQger. Unlike Go-Busters, there doesn’t seem to be any rejected plans for hypothetical adaptations. It seems like Saban has just given up on it. Ever since they took over from Bandai, Hasbro seems to want to do new things with the series so an adaptation is not entirely impossible. Personally, I would love to see ToQger get adapted, but if Saban and Hasbro did these things, I think the chances of the season succeeding would be higher. Firstly, as I mentioned before, the plot should be focused less on trains. Alternatively, the zords and suits could be used for a “Super” follow up to a different season so fans of the first would watch it, helping it get better ratings. Next, some toys should just not be released at all. For example: the IC card thing the ToQgers have on their belt buckle since IC cards are pretty different and less common in the west. Also, they should wait until the inevitable “Super” season to sell most of the zords, just in case the train theme isn’t popular the first year. Overall, I very much hope Saban decides to adapt ToQger but I doubt that’s it’s definitely happening.

Would you like to see ToQger get adapted? Let us know in the comments.

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Lupinranger vs Patoranger Wave 1 Toy Pictures

Next month the 42nd entry in the Super Sentai series Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger premieres in Japan. Bandai has released the official pictures for Wave 1 of the toys.


For the Lupinranger Bandai is releasing vinyl figures of the team like they do every year. LupinRed, LupinBlue, and LupinYellow are each getting one. Each figure retails for £9.99.

Like any Sentai the Lupinranger have their main weapon. For the Lupinranger that is the DX LupinBlade, a sword that doubles as a claw weapon. Retails for £34.99.

Now for the mecha. Each Lupinranger has their own mecha. LupinRed has the DX Red Dial Fighter. LupinBlue has the DX Blue Dial Fighter. LupinYellow has the DX Yellow Dial Fighter. Each VS Vehicle retails for £27.99.


Just like Lupinranger the Patoranger will be getting vinyls as well. PatorenIchigo, PatorenNigo, and PatorenSango. Each figure retails for £9.99.

The main weapon of the Patoranger is the DX MegaBou, a sword that doubles as a megaphone. Retails for £34.99.

Each member of the Patoranger has their own mecha as well. PatorenIchigo has the DX Trigger Machine Ichigo. PatorenNigo has the DX Trigger Machine Nigo. PatorenSango has the DX Trigger Machine Sango. Each VS Vehicle retails for £27.99.

Both Teams

The transformation device of both teams is the DX Double Henshin Jyu. This changer is able to be purchased as the LupinRed Set or the PatorenIchigo Set. To transform you insert the VS Vehicle Mecha of that Ranger and the changer will make lights and sounds. This changer retails for £49.99 per set. Each changer is the same but the included VS Vehicle is what’s different per set.

When the DX Good Striker is released the VS Vehicles will be able to make a full mech.

All of these new Sentai toys can be pre-ordered now at

Will you be picking any of these toys up? Which team do you like most? Leave a comment down below!

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Why Wasn’t Go-Busters Adapted?

In 2015 Saban aired “Power Rangers Dino Charge”, an adaptation of “Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger”. This breaks the tradition of adapting every Sentai series one by one since they never adapted the series before Kyoryuger, “Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters”. Although Bandai America and Saban have said in the past that they wanted to do something with the series, it has now been five years since it first aired in Japan, and nothing has been confirmed so far. We that in mind, the skipping of “Ressha Sentai ToQger”, makes it quite obvious that Saban and Bandai are a lot more comfortable with skipping series now.

So, the future of Go-Busters isn’t looking bright. But why didn’t they adapt it in the first place? While we don’t exactly know the reason, fans have speculated on it and have come up with a few conclusions. One of the more likely options is toy sales, Go-Busters only brought in ¥9.6 billion (£64 million as of writing) while Kyoryuger made ¥14 billion (£94 million as of writing). Bandai probably didn’t want to risk losing money, since toys that don’t sell well in Japan usually don’t sell well in the west. Another reason could be closing the gap between seasons, considering that there was a 3 year gap between Gokaiger and Super Megaforce (The biggest in Power Rangers history), and if the the gap kept increasing at the rate it was, there would be a 7 year gap between Super Ninja Steel and Ninninger. It’s also likely that Saban wanted Dino Charge out at this time because of the release of Jurassic World. Naturally, a movie as big as this one would really boost the popularity of dinosaurs as a whole. Dino Charge was just the overall better option.

So how would Saban have gone about adapting it? The closest thing we have to an actual adaptation is a pitch by writer Amit Bhaumik (You may know him as the person who wrote “Forever Red” as well as other episodes of the series). The season would serve to tie up the continuity of the series and would’ve contained many references and returning characters, auch as the series taking place in Mirinoi and Dr. K would return as a side character. Although the pitch was never used, it’s still interesting to see what could have been. It makes me wonder, if this pitch was used then how would it affect the future seasons? Especially since the season was quite lore heavy. Quite a lot of things in Dino Charge and Ninja Steel would have to be more reliant on the lore. Either way, it’s strange looking at a pitch that never got the greenlight. It’s almost like looking at some sort of alternate universe where this did happen.

Do you think Go-Busters should’ve been adapted? Let us know in the comments!

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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger: Episode 30 Review

Episode 30 of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger marks the end of the Time Travel Arc we’ve been following since episode 24 and it does so spectacularly, if a little unexpectedly. Previously, Don Armage had revealed his uncloaked form and dealt a lethal blow to Lucky, after the group had unleashed a devastating final attack on him. This left us with perhaps the show’s greatest cliffhanger to date and promised an interesting resolution.

Episode 30 itself picks up immediately where 29 left off and shows Orion buying the team enough time with his shield to organise a retreat. Unfortunately, his shield wasn’t powerful enough to protect him completely as we see him stabbed by the tip of Don Armage’s scythe.

Back on the Orion, Tsurugi believes he can find a way to save Lucky, even as their enemies make their advance on their crippled ship. A plan is formed and set into motion that will, if successful, revive Lucky. However, they still have an injured Orion (the warrior) and a downed Orion (the ship); how will the rangers get themselves out of this jam? You’ll have to see for yourselves.

Without delving too far into spoiler territory, at least what isn’t already spoiled by scans of magazines, this episodes is a lot of fun to watch, I’ve been following the time travel arc without quite being sure of where they were going with it and found myself rather surprised by the conclusion they chose. However if you’re a fan of realistic time travel as I am this episode may irk you in parts.

Kyuranger has a very pick-and-choose attitude with regards paradoxes. They mention the possibility of some but completely ignore others, but since this is a show with Pegasus armour that makes you dance, perhaps this isn’t surprising.

All in all, this episode is an excellent conclusion to the arc. It gives a very satisfying conclusion to an interesting premise while, at the same time, setting up several new plot threads that can be followed up in subsequent episodes.

In this regard, I think this episode demonstrates best what Kyuranger is trying to do. It’s a much faster paced show than some previous Sentai with a heavy focus on the Rangers being proactive, rather than reactive. It gives us short arcs that are not self contained and elements and consequences from one effect subsequent arcs.

Given the plot heavy nature of this episode and it’s quality in general this is an absolute must see episode. Without it, you’d have no idea what’s going on in the next episode and you’d be missing out on some really great moments.

What did you think of this episode? Did you like it as much as I did? Let us know what you thought in the comments. 

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Episode 13 Review

To most of the fandom’s disappointment, Power Rangers Ninja Steel had an inauspicious start to the season. It arrived with very little hype or fanfare and, regrettably, the content of the show did little to enthuse even the most forgiving viewer. The story was thrown together haphazardly with little attention paid to integrating some of the eccentricities of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (Ninja Steel’s parent series) and many balked at the repetition of the ‘Daddy issues’ used so regularly in recent memory. In short, the series just wasn’t much good. That’s all changed within the last few episodes, though, and the quality of the show has drastically improved. Episode 13, Ace and the Race, is no exception to that and builds upon the good work we’ve seen as of late.

The episode opens with the Mayor of Summer Cove welcoming us to the Lake Sunshine Fun-athalon, and the Rangers are preparing to compete in a relay race. As the race calls for three person teams, the team split in half with Preston, Hayley and Sarah comprising one team and Brody, Levi and Calvin making up the other. Moments before the start of the race, Calvin is distracted by a guy named Ace and his beautifully detailed car. Calvin goes to speak with Ace and his crew but promises to return in time for the race.

Meanwhile, on Galvanax’s ship, Cosmo Royale is introducing his newest contestant, Shoespike. The monster of the week bursts on to the stage with two Basherbots trailing behind him and rejoices at the fact he won the race. The peril our Rangers will face this week becomes clear as Shoespike exclaims, “You know what happens when you lose a race to me!” and the Basherbots are turned into trophies. Shoespike – whose Arnie-impersonator voice is reminiscent of Mighty Morphin’s Lizzinator – takes human form, declaring that once the Rangers touch his baton (careful) they will not be able to resist racing him.

Back on Earth, Calvin is taking a look under the hood of Ace’s car. He notices an oil leak and is talked into repairing it, but not before he pushes the car and its three occupants back to the school workshop. With Calvin missing, Brody and Levi are down a teammate. Enter Bob Shoespike, who volunteers to join the team. The pair touch Shoespike’s baton and are instantly transformed into douchebags, calling Sarah a loser before heading to the start line. During the course of the race, Brody shoulder barges Preston into the bushes and Levi launches a random competitor into the lake. Preston, obviously, takes exception to their behaviour and confronts them. Brody and Levi give Preston, Sarah and Hayley a hard time, again calling them losers. Bob Shoespike looks directly into the camera and adds “and you know what happens to losers…” before the three are turned into trophies before Levi and Brody’s eyes. The other competitors are also turned into trophies including Victor, who gets taken away by a stray dog. Shoespike reveals himself to be a monster and challenges the Ranger brothers to a three-legged race. The Rangers gladly accept.

Ninninger Gekiatsutou Ichibantou

Subsequently, at the school workshop, Calvin is finishing off the work to Ace’s car. Ace misnames Calvin as Malvin and Marvin during the course of the ensuing argument, caused by Calvin’s realisation that Ace is a fraud and that he hasn’t completed a single piece of work on his own car as he claimed. Calvin feels let down by his supposed friend, Ace, but Mick reminds Calvin of his own failures in friendship, having bailed on Brody and Levi in the relay race. He concedes and dashes off to rejoin his teammates. Trophy Victor is shotput into a fish tank, meh. Victor and Monty continue to be one of the main problems with this series but I don’t think they’re going anywhere.

Calvin happens upon Brody, Levi and Shoespike warming up for their race. He discovers the three Ranger trophies and they catch him up with the story so far. Calvin confronts Shoespike and joins the team. The Rangers struggle to run cohesively at first before noticing that Shoespike is cheating; his Basherbot teammates are in face dummies and Shoespike is running alone. Despite the booby-traps set by Shoespike, the Rangers win the race in a photo finish. A Basherbot delivers the Ranger trophies, for no reason other than they needed the Rangers present to match the Sentai footage, and the team morph to fight Shoespike. The battle itself, in fact, is a carbon copy of its Ninninger counterpart and culminates in Levi and Brody working together to destroy the monster.

Brody and Levi summon Robo Red and Bull Rider but Shoespike runs rings around them. Calvin arrives in his Tonka Truck and slows the monster down with makibishi. The team form the Ninja Fusion Zord and make quick work of destroying Shoespike once and for all.

Back at the race, Calvin apologises to his friends and, of course, they forgive him in the usual sickly sweet, saccharin fashion. Victor’s trophy is finally turned back into human form, whilst still in the fish tank, and the episode closes with Victor standing in the tank with seaweed in his mouth.

All in all, this was a solid episode. The Saban team made good use of what was a difficult Ninninger episode to adapt to construct a cohesive story. The highlight of the episode, for me, was Shoespike, who got far more screen time here than in the Sentai. His design was neat and the actor who played his human form did a great job, especially during the fourth wall breaking moments. Here’s hoping that Ninja Steel continues to trend upwards as it has in the last few episodes.

Did you enjoy Ace and the Race? Let us know your thoughts on all things Ninja Steel in the comment section below or on Toku Toy Store’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Series Review: The Making of a Masterpiece

With September’s debut of our latest Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Build, Ex-Aid and the other doctor Riders lose their spotlight as our main masked heroes. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s run from late 2016 was definitely a memorable addition to the Heisei-era line up, but was it a good series?

Absolutely, it was. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid was a phenomenal series, and I would argue for it being one of the best Kamen Rider series in the entirety of the Heisei-era, from Kuuga through to now. But what made it that way? There are many factors that play into a television series of any genre that make it “good.” Ex-Aid had these qualities in spades. As the article goes on, I intend to delve in to all of the features that distinctly make Ex-Aid shine as a series, and why I believe that even in the future it will hold up as one of the best Kamen Rider series in general.

Characters: The Kamen Rider franchise is an exceptionally character driven franchise, and Ex-Aid was certainly no exception. It had a whole cast of colourful characters with very different personalities and motivations that made them all a joy to watch on screen. From our main protagonist, Emu Hojo, being the true force for good, with an indomitable spirit and an unyielding drive to help those in need and who are sick, all the way to Masamune Dan attempting to play god and take over the world via video game. What all the characters of the main cast of Ex-Aid have in common is one of the most crucial thing a series needs to have to maintain engagement: Development.

The show has been compared to Gaim for its number of Riders that the series portrays, but what this series did so much better than Gaim was character development. This has to do with the fact that it wasn’t just a select few Riders who actually got development… it was all of them. The transformation of Emu from a somewhat timid, inexperienced doctor all the way to him becoming this incredibly strong, confident man who would save the world, seeing Taiga overcome the horrors of his past and come to terms with himself and his actions, Hiro’s internal conflict of betraying the team at the cost of his deceased girlfriend and how he wrestled with the decision and the manipulation of Masamune.

Even the development of our villains was fantastic. In the early episodes, I thought Parado and Graphite in particular were very weak characters with poor writing that added little in the ways of enjoyment. Yet, by the end of the series, not only was I rooting for both of them, but come Graphite’s death and Parado’s near death experience and change from a villain to a full-blown good guy, it was emotional. I had seen the characters grow and change, for the better. What started with clichéd and dry writing finished in incredible form, and it’s one of the things that truly made this series so satisfying to watch.

Forms: Another one of the enjoyable things of this series were the Rider forms. When the designs for the 4 first Riders were revealed before the season aired, I admit I was hesitant. “Kamen Riders with anime eyes and hair?” I thought. The design was initially a big turn off. However, from the second I watched that first episode, saw the suits in action and how they tied into the theme of the show, I was in love. Again, like Gaim there are a lot of forms in this show. Emu’s transformation line, Hiro’s, Kiriya’s, Kuroto’s, and so on. There’s a large cast of main Riders, including the villain, and they all have multiple forms (save for Poppy being the exception.) Yet, what this show manages to do with them is keep them both interesting and entertaining.

One of the best examples of this is best seen in one of my all-time favourite forms from the series; Mighty Bros. XX.  From its debut I loved it. I love the theme of co-operative gaming, the clear influence from the Super Mario Brothers, the colours, the design, even the Gashat. Despite this, the initial run of the form was a mere 9 episodes before the show moved on to a better and more powerful form, as is the progression of Kamen Rider. Come episode 40 and 41, which are (in my opinion) two of the best episodes in the entirety of the series, the form that we thought was benched makes an electrifying, well written, and emotional return. With the “death” of Parado and Emu using this moment to teach Parado that there’s more to being villain and instead of playing the game to beat Emu, he could play the game with Emu, Parado is resurrected through the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat, and the two of them have some of the best fights in the series. They brought this form back not just to revitalize and old form, or to sell more DX Mighty Brothers Gashat toys, but because it was relevant to the story. They took something as simple as changing back to an earlier form, and made it one of the most exciting and impactful moments in the entirety of Ex-Aid – no doubt a mark of both brilliant storytelling, and effective use of the Riders forms.

Plot: The plot of Ex-Aid was, in my opinion, the worst part of the series but that’s certainly not to say that it was bad. Ex-Aid respected the plot. They made it simple, they stuck to it, but the simplicity of the plot is what allowed for so much freedom with the characters. It was a very basic concept of “bad guy tries to take over, heroes stop who they think the bad guy is, true bad guy reveals himself and they have to face and even bigger threat.” Simple as that. We started with Kuroto Dan as the main villain and CEO of the shady Genm Corp. He had the wicked Bugsters on his side, and seemed content with infecting and simply killing who he wanted. Yet, shy of the half-way mark, it’s revealed the Kuroto was a mere fall-guy for the main villain: his father, Masamune Dan.

With Masamune we’re given a true tyrant; a man bent on having the world bow before him as he acts as their god. With his ability to control time and the souls of the people killed in his world encompassing game, I’m drawn to imagery of Greek Mythology. Even the name of his Rider form is that of the Greek Titan and father of the gods, Chronus. He was a truly dangerous villain, who drove our heroes, and even some of our side villains, to their absolute limits in their battles with him. He broke them down, manipulated them, and demoralised them incredible effectively on his way to world domination. However, even with his fusing of the Gamedeus virus and the loss of his humanity in its entirety, our rag-tag team of doctors and developers proved to be more than a match, defeated him, and saved the day, all while effectively tying up individual character plot lines and development arcs. Yes, it was the simplicity of the story, and the writer’s willingness to not diverge from the simplicity that gave the show its freedom to be so character driven. That is more than okay with me.

Overall: If you haven’t watched Ex-Aid… Do it. With everything I’ve mentioned in the article, the series truly stands out as one of the best written and presented Kamen Rider series in the entirety of the show’s life span. I was one of the few who actually liked last year’s Kamen Rider Ghost, but this show was a refreshing and welcome addition after the production nightmare of Ghost. Up there with Drive, Faiz, and Kuuga, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is a modern marvel of the Kamen Rider franchise, deliverying incredible characters, and gripping and engaging plot, and more than enough action to satisfy even the nit-pickiest of tokusatsu and action fans. While it does have its weak points, as every show will inevitably have, but they are few and far between, and in no way are enough to detract from the sheer quality presented by Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

I’d rate it an easy 9/10, maybe even a 10/10.

How did you enjoy Kamen Rider Ex-Aid? Did you think that the series was as good as I made it out to be? Did you actually dislike it? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

[Photo Credit: malecoc on Deviant Art]